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Bi-Level Machines Without Humidifier

Search for all Bi-Level, BiPAP and VPAP devices without humidifier. Some people don't use humidifiers with their CPAP or Bi-Level device. If you are a newbie to CPAP you will quickly learn that not all CPAP and Bi-Level users are the same. Many people have used a CPAP or Bi-Level device for years without a humidifier and just don't seem to have a need for one. However, I would recommend if you are just starting out on a therapy device to purchase a humidifier as well because humidity is a comfort feature. That being said, you can save money by purchasing a Bi-Level without a humidifier. Below you can search through all makes and models that are sold this way.

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DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine shown with Heated Humidifier
DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine with Bi-Flex by Philips Respironics
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DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine with Bi-Flex by Philips Respironics
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The DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine provides premium bilevel sleep therapy for a more natural breathing experience. Advanced features including Bi-Flex, EZ-Start, SmartRamp, built-in Bluetooth and advanced event detection.