SnuggleGear Universal CPAP Mask Head Strap

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SnuggleGear Universal Nasal or Full Face CPAP Mask Headgear

This Product DOES NOT Require a Prescription

Product Description

The SnuggleGear 4-point universal headgear provides comfort and stability all in one product. The headgear is a soft polyester fleece throughout the entire headgear as well as velcro straps to attach to the mask. Many users will use a standard style of headgear as well as comfort pads or comfort straps to eliminate the marks on their face or add comfort while wearing a mask.  This product is the headgear already with the comfort padding including as part of the product.

Product Compatibility - Nasal Style Masks

  • Original ComfortGel Nasl Mask
  • ComfortGel Blue Nasal Mask
  • Profile Lite Nasal Mask
  • Mirage Activa & Activa LT Nasal Masks
  • Mirage Micro Nasal Mask
  • Ultra Mirage II Nasal Mask
  • Mirage SoftGel Nasal Mask
  • ComfortClassic Nasal Mask
  • ComfortSelect Nasal Mask
  • FlexiFit HC 405, HC406 Petite & HC407 Nasal Masks
  • Zest and Zest Q Nasal Masks
  • Acclaim 2 Nasal Mask
  • EasyLife Nasal Mask
  • SomnoPlus Nasal Mask
  • EasyFit Nasal Masks
  • ComfortFusion Nasal Masks
  • Serenity Nasal Mask
  • FlexSet Nasal Mask
  • Invacare Twilight 2 Nasal Mask
  • Zzz- Mask

Product Compatibility - Full Face Masks

  • Mirage Quattro Air Full Face Mask
  • Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask
  • Original ComfortGel Full Face Mask
  • ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask
  • ComfortFull 2 Full Face Mask
  • Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask
  • EasyFit Gel or Silicone Full Face Mask
  • Mojo Full Face Mask
  • Full Advantage Full Face Mask

Included Items:

  • 1 - SnuggleGear Universal Headgear
  • Actual Weight: 4 Ounces
  • Condition: New
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Insurance Codes: A7035
  • Material: Polyester Fleece
  • Mode of Operation: Nasal or Full Face Headgear
  • RX Required?: No
  • Shipping Weight: 8 oz

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5/21/2024 1:51 pm

Great feeling on face

by Jen B. -

If you feel discomfort with the silicone headgear like I do then I recommend this product. It is soft and comfortable. It doesn't irritate my face like silicone headgear does. The only problem is it can get dirty quicker than silicone can because of the material but it is easy to clean so it is not a hassle at all. I recommend this product if you struggle with silicone headgears.