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About Us

1800CPAP.com - Experts in CPAP and Sleep Apnea Therapy Solutions
Corporate Office: Landen Square, 2908 US 22-3, Maineville OH, 45039

1800CPAP.com ships CPAP machines and CPAP supplies worldwide

We are a Direct-to-Consumer CPAP store that offers cost effective options for purchasing your CPAP machines , CPAP masks , and CPAP supplies shipped direct to you. We cut out the "middle man" and pass these great CPAP discounts and savings on to you. We offer a wide selection of the newest ResMed, Respironics, and Fisher & Paykel CPAP products on the market; all backed by manufacturer warranty.

We created 1800CPAP based on the concepts of great customer service, low prices, secure shopping and hassle-free ordering. How does 1800CPAP stand out above the rest? We are sleep and CPAP professionals; we have anchored our staff with registered sleep technologists, respiratory therapists, board certified sleep physician and our dedicated customer service agents. 1800CPAP.com is the last CPAP store you will ever need.

Our Expert Staff of Sleep and Medical Equipment Specialists

Jason Smith RPSGT, Co-Founder
Chief Operations Officer

Jason Smith started his career in sleep medicine in 2001 providing sleep disorder testing and application of CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure)for the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area as well as Sarasota, Florida. He became credentialed as a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (BRPT) in 2003. Jason is also a member in good standing with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and American Association of Sleep Technologist (AAST).

From 2003 until 2010, Jason served as the Director of Clinical Operations for Sleepcare Diagnostics, Mason OH with Shahrokh Javaheri M.D. Jason co-developed one of the first accredited sleep technologists training program (ASTEP) and participated as research coordinator for multiple investigative studies.

Jason has been published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine for:

The Prevalance and Natural History of Complex Sleep Apnea

Adaptive Pressure Support Servoventilation: A Novel Treatment for Sleep Apnea Associated with Use of Opioids

Phone: (800) 274-1366

Jason Smith's Favorite Products:

  • ResMed S9 AutoSet™
  • ResMed Swift™ FX Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask
  • S9 Autoset With H5i And Climate Line Tubing

  • Jason Crowe, Co-Founder
    Chief Financial Officer

    Jason Crowe has been in sleep medicine since 2003 serving as Director of Patient Service for a full service sleep disorder testing center and Director of Durable Medical Equipment (DME)for a greater Cincinnati, Ohio CPAP Supply company. Jason was responsible for the day to day operations of a Durable Medical Equipment company that dispensed 250 CPAP set ups monthly. His commitment to increasing CPAP compliance through proper education, follow up support and maintenance/ replacement schedules elevated CPAP adherence to an industry leading 91%.

    Jason has participated in investigative CPAP product studies with the major manufacturers of CPAP equipment. He is well versed in the various product lines from ResMed, Respironics and Fisher and Paykel. Through his ongoing research, he is at the forefront of offering the latest product lines and market trends.

    Phone: (800) 274-1366

    Jason Crowe's Favorite Products:

    • ResMed S8 Elite II with H4i™ Heated Humidifier
    • ResMed Mirage™ Micro Nasal CPAP Mask
    • Transcend Sleep Therapy Bundle Pack

    Mark Hixson, Co-Founder
    Chief Executive Officer

    Mark Hixson has served as a liaison to sleep physicians and sleep centers promoting initiatives to advance sleep health awareness in the community since 2003. Mark leads the development team with national campaigns to reach CPAP users to promote education, compliance and cost effective options for maintaining ongoing CPAP treatment.

    Mark's joint venture advertising campaigns with the sleep community has connected sleep apnea sufferers with physicians and sleep labs, promoting healthier living through healthy sleep. Mark brings all his knowledge and dedication that earned him top salesperson of the year from a national durable medical equipment company to 1800CPAP.com Although Mark appreciated the years he had with National Healthcare companies, that experience also helped him see a lot of what is wrong in the health care system today; especially when it comes to the care of patients on CPAP.

    Mark, along with Jason Smith and Jason Crowe took their good and bad experiences of the Health Care industry and formed this company with the insights of what works and what doesn't work. Mark and the others have the highest standards and expectations of gold care customer service and believe that individual personal attention to each customer is the only way to operate at 1800CPAP.COM.

    Mark Hixson, Jason Smith and Jason Crowe have created Ohio Sleep Awareness,LLC (The corporate name) and "DBA" 1800CPAP.COM with the understanding of what needs to be done to raise awareness of sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing and how to execute great service and education with individual care.
    Mark's belief is, "each customer has there own special set of needs and it is our job to try and meet those needs. If we can't meet those needs we can at least listen to what the customers have to say."

    Phone: (800) 274-1366 Ext: 100

    Email: mark@1800cpap.com

    Mark Hixson's Favorite Products:

    Our Management Team:

    Stephanie Dickerson, Customer Service Manager

    Phone: (800) 274-1366 EXT: 756

    Email: stephanie@1800cpap.com

    Matt Stewart, Warehouse Manager

    Phone: (800) 274-1366 EXT: 755

    Email: matt@1800cpap.com

    Customer Service Representatives:

    Dakota, Prescription Specialist

    Phone: (800) 274-1366 EXT. 757

    Email: rx@1800cpap.com

    Nancy, Re-Order Specialist

    Phone: (800) 274-1366 EXT. 101

    Email: nancy@1800cpap.com

    Jessica, Customer Service Representative

    Phone: (800) 274-1366 EXT. 750

    Email: jessica@1800cpap.com

    Miranda, Customer Service Representative

    Phone: (800) 274-1366 EXT. 104

    Email: miranda@1800cpap.com

    Regan, Customer Service Representative

    Phone: (800) 274-1366 EXT. 107

    Email: regan@1800cpap.com

    Nicole Rodriguez, International Customer Support

    Phone: (800) 274-1366

    Email: products@1800cpap.com

    Portugues Nicole e a nossa representante de atendimento ao cliente trilingue. Sua especializacao linguistica se encontra em Portugues e Espanhol. Para perguntas referente a produtos, precos e entregas, por favor enviar e-mail para: mencionado acima

    Warehouse Representatives and Product Specialists:

    Brendan Aydelott, Operations Coordinator

    Phone: (800) 274-1366 EXT: 102

    Email: baydelott@1800cpap.com

    Nick Keith, Purchasing Coordinator

    Phone: (800) 274-1366 EXT: 105

    Email: nkeith@1800cpap.com

    Keith Tyler, Warehouse Assistant

    Phone: (800) 274-1366

    Casey Hatton, Warehouse Assistant

    Phone: (800) 274-1366

    Anthony Vonbargen, Warehouse Assistant

    Phone: (800) 274-1366

    Vickie Hixson, Product Building and Implementation

    Phone: (800) 274-1366

    Email: vickie@1800cpap.com

    Are you losing sleep over high insurance deductibles? Are you tired of jumping through the insurance hoops when you try to get your CPAP or Bi-PAP supplies? We pledge to offer you premium products at sensible pricing with first -class service. We are committed to provide you with the most current CPAP products, sleep apnea education and support resources to benefit your CPAP experience.

    We really do make ordering your CPAP and Bi-PAP supplies easy as 1-2-3. Just select your items, place your order (online or by phone) 1-800-274-1366 and we ship the products to you.

    We Deliver. You Sleep.


    1800CPAP.com was established to provide patients with a user friendly web-based supplier that offers affordable replacement CPAP supplies, accessories and educational support for CPAP and BiPAP users. We are a team of diversified specialists with backgrounds ranging from clinical sleep technologists to CPAP equipment providers. We anchored the professional component of our company with a board certified sleep physician to serve as medical director to 1800CPAP.com. Collectively we have over 30 years experience in the field of sleep medicine, treatment and therapy.

    We are advocates to the positive benefits associated with the treatment of sleep apnea through the use of CPAP. Many of us ourselves are CPAP users and understand its importance in promoting a better quality of life.