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The All new Amara Full Face CPAP Mask

The wait is over for an easy to use, comfortable full face CPAP mask. The Amara by Philips Respironics has finally been released. The Amara Full Face Mask spent a long time in development exploring each aspect of the full face CPAP mask user experience. Philips Respironics wanted to make a full face CPAP mask that appealed to all users. The Amara is a great full face mask for side sleepers because of it's innovative, unique design that allows for users to comfortably sleep on their sides without compromising the seal of the mask. The Amara Full Face Mask is constructed of a very lightweight material and designed to reduce the overall amount of pressure points that masks typically have.

Download the Amara Sizing Guage

Don't know what size to get? Don't worry! Download the Amara sizing guage, print it out and line it up to your face. You will be able to tell what cushion would work best for you. Remember, the frame will fit all sizes of cushions.

Amara Sizing Gauge

Amara is a quiet CPAP mask

The Amara uses Philips Respironics micro exhalation port technology with angled ports to diffuse the air in the quietest way possible. This allows the user to have a comfortable and quiet night's sleep.

Full Face masks have typically been the bigger challenge for CPAP Mask manufacturers. They are commonly considered the most uncomfortable style of CPAP mask. Philips Respironics believes with the Amara that statement doesn't have to be true. Since the early development in the 80's CPAP masks have come along way. CPAP mask development has come along way because of user feedback. Click Here to Buy Now Some manufacturers worry about what will sell the best and market the best; others worry about what will benefit the CPAP user in the best possible way. Philips Respironics did just that. They listened to years of feedback on what a CPAP user wants out of a full face mask. The Amara has combined years of feedback and suggestions built into the design. The Amara is a combination of innovative technology and opinions from real CPAP users that just want a full face mask that is light, comfortable and easy to clean.

If you want to learn about more features and benefits of the Amara mask check out the following link. Amara Full Face CPAP Mask.

All of the parts below can be purchased separately. If you are a US customer and you don't have a prescription for a the Amara Full Face Mask. Just buy the parts below separate and you don't need a prescription.
Or to make it easier on yourself if you just go here and buy the Amara Full Face Mask Without Headgear and purchase that product; it will ask you as you are checking out if you'd like to add headgear. If you say yes and add headgear the mask will be sent in 2 parts but you won't need a prescription. This is what itemizing your order means. This is a way around what can be a frustrating and cumbersome policy.

We agree with the policy as a whole and understand why it is in place, however unfortunately there are some doctors out there who take advantage of this policy and refuse to write prescriptions for their patients even though they know they need a new CPAP mask. That is not good medical care and we don't agree with denying a patient a prescription just so the doctor can get paid for the patient visit.

Amara Full Face Mask Components and Parts

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