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BiPAP & Bi-Level Machines

What is BiPAP or Bi-Level machine? BiPAPs, or BiLevels are positive pressure airway devices that offer 2 separate pressure settings that consists of 1 inspiratory pressure and one expiratory pressure. These 2 BiPAP pressure settings are usually separated by a pressure range of 3 cm/H2O to 6 cm/H2O, and example of that would be IPAP of 12 cm/H2O and EPAP of 8 cm/H2O, please note these pressures vary patient to patient. Also available are Auto Bi-Levels or Auto BiPAPs, which will automatically adjust the BiPAP pressures.

Bi-Level Side Note: You may wonder why there are different names such as Bi-Level, BiPAP, VPAP. To clarify, BiPAP is a trademarked name by Philips Respironics, VPAP is a trademark name of ResMed. Bi-Level is the general term for this type of therapy. See Bi-Level Education for more definitions.

Auto Adjusting BiPAPs & BiLevels
Auto Bi-Level Machines use an inspiratory pressure and an expiratory pressure. These pressures are set with min and max thresholds. Auto Bi-Levels automatically adjust up and down within the thresholds for the optimal pressure that you need.
Fixed Bi-Level Machines
Fixed Bi-Level Machines are Bi-Level machines that have 2 fixed pressures. An example Bi-Level prescription would read; 14 over 10 cm of water. The pressures indicated are the pressure when you inhale and the pressure when you exhale at a fixed number.
ResMed VPAP Machines All Models
Search through all ResMed VPAP Machines. Here you will find all the models of VPAP machines with or without humidifier and optional climate line heated tubing. There are base VPAP models and advanced models available.
Philips Respironics Bi-Level Devices All Models
Philips Respironics BiPAP devices come in the earlier System One 50 series or the new System One REMstar 60 Series platform. They can be purchased with humidifier or without. Integrated Heated tubing is also available in the newer System One 60 Series.
Bi-Level Machines All Other Brands
Here you can search through all other manufacturers of Bi-Level machines. These manufacturers are either smaller or only have 1 bi-level device. Smaller doesn't mean less quality.
Bi-Level Machines Without Humidifiers
Here you can find all makes and models of Bi-Level machines without humidifiers. If you already have a humidifier or you just don't use one, you can just purchase the machine and save money.
Bi-Levels Less Than $1300
Here you can search for Bi-Levels that are Under $1300. Bi-Levels are typically a higher cost than a CPAP Machine because of the technology that is built into the machine. However, we make Bi-Levels affordable by selling a select few under $1300.
Bi-Levels Between $1301 & $1750
Search For Bi-Level Machines that costs between $1301 USD & $1750 Dollars. Free Shipping for our Continental US customers. Flat rate for International Customers of $84.99.
Bi-Levels For $1751 & Above
Here you can search for Bi-Level Machines at or above $1751 USD. These Bi-Level machines are the Cadillac of Bi-Level machines. They will have the highest level of data recording and functionality.