Best CPAP Accessories for Therapy Compliance

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CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure is a machine often prescribed by doctors in treating sleep apnea. To use the machine, you will need tubing, a mask and other CPAP accessories to ensure better sleep. Below are some CPAP accessories for therapy compliance; they can help maintain your device and help you comfortably sleep without interruption. 

Cleaning Supplies

A CPAP machine can cost you up to a thousand dollars. If you want to extend its lifespan and ensure it stays efficient, get the right cleaning supplies. Sanitizers, wipes, cleaners, and tubing cleaners are a must in your cleaning kit. Make sure to follow the recommendations when cleaning your device to avoid issues with the machine. 

CPAP Pillows

Are you a side sleeper? You can benefit from buying CPAP pillows with sides cut out. It'll make it a lot easier for you to wear the mask and sleep without interruption. Also, the pillow helps ensure that the connector and the tube don't come loose. 


A filter is used to clean the air before it's delivered through the tubing and to your nose. It can help remove contaminants, dust and dirt. You need high-quality filters to protect your lungs and to ensure the CPAP machine works well. But make sure to also regularly clean or replace the filter. Dirty filters will not be able to effectively purify the air and your health can suffer. Don't worry, we have filters designed for people with allergies and respiratory problems. We also sell reusable and disposable high-quality filters.


Also called tubing, the hose is attached to the CPAP machine and to your mask. If you're the type of sleeper that moves a lot, consider getting longer hoses. They are usually available in 6, 8, or 10 feet. Go for a longer one to help you comfortably toss and turn when in bed. Better yet, go with tubing made with flexible and light material so that you can freely move. 


While it's not required to get a humidifier for your CPAP machine, it's highly recommended especially when you live in a dry climate and you have allergies. You may wake up with a dry nose and mouth if you don't have a humidifier attached to the CPAP machine. 

Mask Cushions

The mask cushion suitable for you depends on your preferred position and breathing battery. They come in three different types including nasal masks, full face and nasal pillows. Mask cushions are usually made with soft materials to ensure they stay comfortable and don't irritate your skin. 

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