The Common Reasons People Quit Using Their CPAP Machines

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Jason Smith RPSGT
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September 19, 2022 10:49:16 AM PDT September 19, 2022 10:49:16 AM PDTth, September 19, 2022 10:49:16 AM PDT

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects up to 10% of the population. CPAP machines are a vital part of managing sleep apnea. Some people have a hard time using their CPAP masks and stop wearing them.

This can be dangerous or even deadly.

There are a few reasons people have difficulty using a CPAP machine. These are often fixable. The advantages of CPAP machines far outweigh any negatives you may experience.

Learning proper usage techniques and maintenance makes a difference. Keep reading for four common reasons people quit using these machines and how to make wearing them more manageable!

1. It's Uncomfortable

One of the main reasons people stop wearing their CPAP mask is it is cumbersome. There are different types of masks - some go over the nose and mouth. Others cover only the nose.

Masks come in different sizes. If you have a mask that is too small it can feel claustrophobic. Work with your provider to find the right type and size of the mask. This ensures you will be more likely to wear your CPAP mask all night.

It may take some trial and error to find a mask that is comfortable for you and your sleeping habits. Don't let fixable issues keep you from living a better life. The benefits of CPAP machines increase your longevity and quality of life.

2. CPAP Pressure Isn't Correct

CPAP pressure is unique to the user. If your pressure is too low or too high it can be frustrating.

If your pressure is too low you may experience sleep apnea events or wake yourself up gasping for air. If your pressure is too high, you may experience disturbed sleep and congestion.

Having a sleep study done periodically ensures your pressure is at the right amount. Correct CPAP pressure is an important factor to consider. You will be more likely to continue to wear your machine when your sleep is restful. 

3. Continued Maintenance

A CPAP machine requires some maintenance to keep it sterile and in working order. For some people, this necessary step causes them not to use their masks as they should.

Your CPAP machine components should be cleaned every day. Because parts of the machine go on your face, it can cause bacteria if you are not diligent about cleaning. Mold can build up in your machine if it is not cleaned.

Schedule daily cleanings of your mask and tubing. Make maintenance reminders on your phone to clean your machine at least two to three times a week. 

Having daily and weekly reminders to maintain your machine help you stick with a routine.

4. Skin Irritations

Skin irritations are frustrating. One reason people suffer from skin irritations is not cleaning their CPAP machine. That is why it is important not to skimp your maintenance cleanings.

If your CPAP mask does not fit your face well, this can also cause irritations like blemishes and/or rashes. Getting a CPAP mask that properly fits your face helps reduce skin irritation.

Switching to a cloth CPAP mask can help reduce skin irritations if you have sensitive skin. There are many types of CPAP masks so finding the right one for you means fewer problems.

Where to Get CPAP Machines

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Eliminate the risk of stopping the use of your CPAP machine and ensure you are using the right machine and mask.

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