Travel CPAPs: Are They Worth It? (and How to Pick the Best)

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Jason Smith RPSGT
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July 5, 2022 10:28:25 PM PDT July 5, 2022 10:28:25 PM PDTth, July 5, 2022 10:28:25 PM PDT

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Travel CPAP

Traveling can exacerbate breathing problems, so this is no time to leave your CPAP machine at home.

The exhaustion you feel from lack of oxygen under regular circumstances needs to be dealt with by using your CPAP machine, whether you're sleeping in your own bed or in a hotel. 

Traveling with your CPAP can be relatively hassle-free when you choose the best machine for your needs.

1. Consider All Types of CPAPs

Your diagnosis and other specific needs all help determine which is the best CPAP machine for you. Traveling with a CPAP machine might narrow your choices when it comes to portability. You can take your regular CPAP on trips if you prefer, if you don't mind the slight inconvenience of the bulky size of some conventional machines.

Some types of CPAPs to consider for everyday use or for travel include:

  • Auto adjust
  • Refurbished
  • Compact
  • Fixed pressure
  • BiPAP

2. Convenient HDM Machine 

The HDM CPAP machine is a top choice for many people on the go. Its compact size makes it easy to put in a purse, suitcase, or backpack. If you decide to purchase the travel bag, packing is even that much easier because you have all your travel CPAP equipment all in one place. HDM machines are available in several models. Power supplies, batteries, charging cords, and other accessories can be purchased online separately. 

3. BiPAP for Travel

If your doctor has prescribed BiPAP for you, talk to them about the possibility of using a travel CPAP temporarily if you don't want to carry along your regular BiPAP machine. The size of many BiPAPs is not too cumbersome unless you really need to decrease your weight and the amount you're packing. Options are available.

4. Have a Backup CPAP On Hand

It might defeat the purpose of choosing a smaller CPAP machine for travel, but it's worth considering taking an extra one on your trip. What would you do if yours broke while away from home?

Think about how far you will be from your regular physician and for how long. If you are traveling internationally, what type of medical care can you get if you need a new machine or supplies?

Maybe you could take two travel size machines and still have the moderate convenience of an easier to pack and carry CPAP kit.

5. Bring the Right Size Mask

Types of masks include:

  • Nasal
  • Nasal pillow
  • Full-face
  • Specialty

Taking a vacation is not the time to try out a new CPAP mask. A few trial runs before you leave home can let you know if it will fit your face snugly and allow you to breathe with ease. Just like breaking in a new pair of shoes, breaking in your CPAP mask, especially if you're trying a new style, can make life a lot more comfortable and allow you the good nights' sleep you need.  

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