Traveling With Your CPAP

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Traveling is always full of excitement with a sprinkle of chaos mixed in. You may ask yourself, "Have I packed everything?" Aside from the normal necessities, you may be wondering "What if I have additional items?" Medical equipment such as a CPAP machine isn't something you can opt to leave behind.

Continue reading for more on traveling and flying with your CPAP machine.

What to Pack

Investing in a carrying case specifically for your CPAP machine will help keep you organized. These special cases include an area for the CPAP machine, filter, tubing, and mask. Depending on your preference, you can invest in a carrying case or travel bag for your machine. The travel bag has a protective hard shell covering to safely stow away your machine.

Ideally choosing between the carrying case or travel bag comes down to the length of your travels and how much you wish to spend. If you tend to travel often, it can be beneficial to invest in a travel-sized CPAP to help ease travel and keep your at-home machine safe.

How to Prepare Flying With a CPAP

Be sure to carry all appropriate documentation with your CPAP machine. Your CPAP prescription or a compliance letter will be good to have just in case you are asked while going through security. Pack these documents inside your CPAP machine carrying case to ensure that you don't forget them.

Pro tip: Keep your prescription safe at home by taking a picture of it on your smart phone and using it when checking in at the airport.

Since your CPAP machine is considered a medical item, airlines will not count this as a carry-on. Before approaching any security checkpoints in the airport, have your CPAP machine readily available for TSA agents to inspect. This will allow you to breeze through security promptly.

If your CPAP machine can switch on airplane mode, do so.

Flying With Medical Equipment

As with any medical equipment that is considered a health necessity, always bring your items on the plane with you.

Checking in your CPAP machine could lead to disastrous results, such as the item becoming lost or damaged. You would not want to risk traveling away from home and have to resort to a backup plan.

An important tip to be aware of, airlines require 48 hours notice in the event a passenger is flying with a CPAP machine. This is to ensure that your model meets FAA standards and regulations.

If you have a long flight or plan on using your CPAP during your flight, it is a good idea to contact the airline ahead of time to see if there is a compatible source that you can sit by

CPAP Supplies

Be sure to bring yourCPAP cleaning supplies if you plan on traveling. You should clean your CPAP machine every day. Items such as the hose, reusable filters, chamber, and mask at a minimum should be cleaned once a week.

Keeping your device and supplies clean will ensure that you have the highest quality air available. If you are worried about potentially losing any CPAP cleaning supplies on vacation, look into travel-friendly cleaning products.

A travel-sized control III hospital-grade disinfectant is an excellent choice to ensure your CPAP machine stays germ-free. This can be used to sanitize your equipment and kills 99.9% of all germs and viruses. You can also invest in CPAP cleaning companions that will give you the ease and convenience needed. For example, the Sleep8 is a good choice to travel with and can fit easily in your carry on.

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