Why You Should Replenish Your CPAP Supplies After Summer

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Jason Smith RPSGT
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August 2, 2022 11:33:49 PM PDT August 2, 2022 11:33:49 PM PDTnd, August 2, 2022 11:33:49 PM PDT

Replacing your CPAP supplies may seem wasteful, especially if they seem perfectly operational. It’s not a waste, though, because replacing these items keeps your device clean and in good working condition.

The manufacturer of your CPAP device may provide a schedule for replacing the parts and supplies. In that case, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Likewise, your medical insurance provider may limit the number of times they pay for the replacements. We recommend replacing the CPAP supplies as often as your insurer is willing to cover the cost.

Which CPAP Supplies Should You Replace?

The device manufacturer’s recommendations and the medical insurance policy limits are not the only considerations determining how often you should replace your CPAP supplies. The summer season, too, also takes a toll on your CPAP device and supplies. So, you should replace the following CPAP supplies and parts after summer.

  • CPAP Mask. CPAP masks are available in several varieties. You can get a nasal CPAP that covers the nose, an oral mask that covers only the mouth or a nasal-oral hybrid. Some CPAP masks are modular and attach to oral appliance mouth appliances.

  • Mask Pillows and Cushion. The pillow or cushion layers go between the mask and your face for a comfortable fit. Some masks have detachable cushions, which you can replace independently.

  • Headgear. The headgear needs replacing every six or so months. Some headgears are made from a stretchy material known as neoprene, which adjusts to fit the shape of your head. Repeated stretching may cause it to degrade over time. Moreover, accumulated oils from your hair or skin may discolor the headgear and reduce its ability to seal.

  • Chin Straps. A chin strap helps keep your mouth closed as you sleep to further improve your breathing.

  • Air Filter. The CPAP filter purifies the air you breathe in. Several varieties are available. Some are disposable and other reusable. Filters also vary depending on the size of particles that they can filter. When replacing it, make sure the filter is compatible with your CPAP device and can filter out the specific particles you’re exposed to. For example, your pets may introduce specific allergens into the air in your home.

  • CPAP Tubing. Also known as the CPAP hose, the CPAP tubing connects the mask and the machine. Tubing comes in different lengths to match your bedroom setup and sleeping style. Some tubing is insulated or heated to minimize the buildup of condensation.

  • Humidifier. Some CPAP machines feature a humidifier that adds moisture to the air you breath. Many CPAP experience dryness in the nose and mouth after using their machines, especially those live in cold, dry areas. The humidifier may have a feature that lets you increase or decrease the level of humidity by adjusting the heat in the water tank.

Your Affordable CPAP Supplier

In most cases, your CPAP device manufacturer may recommend how frequently you should change your CPAP supplies. In addition to these guidelines, be sure to replace them after every summer to ensure they function properly and are free of contaminants. However, if any of the parts or supplies shows signs of damage, replace it immediately.

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