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Circadiance Soft Cloth Masks & Accessories

Elan Soft Cloth CPAP Masks
The Elan is the newest addition to the Circadiance family of Soft Cloth CPAP Masks. The Elan offers unique flexibility and enhanced comfort. It comes with different size cushions and a lightweight flexible tube with a 360 degree swivel.
SleepWeaver Cloth CPAP Masks
This is the SleepWeaver Advance Soft Cloth CPAP Mask. The SleepWeaver is manufactured by Circadiance. It now has a re-designed headgear and improved Zzzephyr Seal contour fits and seals even better than before.
Full Face Cloth CPAP Masks
Here you can find the latest addition to Circadiance brand of cloth CPAP Masks. Introducing the SleepWeaver Anew™ Full Face Soft Cloth CPAP Mask with headgear. The Anew is a great alternative to traditional silicone CPAP masks.
SleepWeaver & Elan Cloth Mask Replacement Supplies
Here you can find all the replacement parts and supplies for the SleepWeaver Advance & the Elan Soft Cloth CPAP Masks. Feather Weight tubing, Elan replacement cushions are just some of the parts you will find here.

Important Note: Circadiance offers a 30 day risk free MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on the SleepWeaver and the Elan Soft Cloth Mask!

Circadiance continues to develop innovative and comfortable CPAP masks. Their latest creation is the SleepWeaver® Anew™ Full Face Cloth Mask.

Circadiance is the manufacturer of some of most innovative CPAP Masks of our time. Circadiance is the creator of the first soft cloth style of CPAP Masks. Their most widely known CPAP mask is called the SleepWeaver. They recently came out with the Elan Soft Cloth Mask. This mask comes as a starter kit with a short flexible tube that has a 360 degree swivel attached to it.

The Elan also comes with different size cushions so you can get the perfect fit. Circadiance also has some products currently in development. We look forward to bringing you the latest information on Circadiance and their continued growth in the sleep industry and CPAP Mask design world.