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We have the biggest inventory of CPAP, Bipap, and Auto CPAP Machines available online.

If you are looking for cpap machines for sale then you came to the right place! We at 1800CPAP.COM offer you the customer as many CPAP products that are available. We are constantly adding new CPAP Masks, CPAP Machines and various accessories and comfort items to the site weekly. Through the years we have developed many close relationships with the biggest manufacturers in the sleep industry. The relationships we have developed helped us to have a wide variety of bipap machines, auto cpap and a remarkable collection of cpap masks. We all share the common goal of providing the newest technology and advancements in CPAP therapy through innovative and quality products. Sleep apnea, obstrucive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea and other related sleep disorder breathing is our specialty. The products that provide therapy and treatment for these sleeping disorders are what we sell direct to you. Getting used to CPAP is not easy for everyone. Finding the right mask and right cpap machine can be an overwhelming task. That is why we have such a well equipped trained clincial staff to help you on your journey.

We have the CPAP products you need at the prices you can afford!

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Our CPAP warehouse at 1800CPAP.COM is stocked full of inventory from all of these various CPAP and sleep related manufacturers. We believe that our customers should have a wide selection of CPAP Products that is why we make it a point to stay stocked up on inventory. We try and ship out your orders and CPAP products the same day you order them. We have realized that when it comes to CPAP masks and CPAP mask parts it is important to get these CPAP Supplies to you as fast as we can. With this concept we have developed a quality assurance program within our company to ensure every order is top priority. If you order CPAP Machine filters or a brand new ResMed S9 Autoset with H5i Humidifier your order will be treated the same way. It will be processed immediately and checked by 3 different members of our Quality Assurance team and sent out.

Here is a list of some of the CPAP Products we carry

If you don't see your CPAP product here don't worry this is just an example list to show the variety of CPAP equipment we carry. However, if you look through our site and can't find the product you are looking for please call us 1-800-274-1366 and we will be happy to add your product and serve your needs.

CPAP Masks

A prescription is required to purchase a complete CPAP Mask however we offer the CPAP mask without headgear and no prescription is needed. We comply with the FDA rules and regulations on the sale of medical equipment.

  • Nasal CPAP Masks. These type of CPAP Masks are also know as the triangle masks. These masks are very commonly used in sleep labs during CPAP titrations. They cover your nose but not your mouth. They typically have a gel or foam cushion. There are several variety of nasal cpap masks. The ComfortGel is one of the most commonly prescribed nasal CPAP masks.

  • Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks.These type of CPAP Masks are constructed with a minimalist approach. This mask delivers a more direct pressure using nasal pillow cushions that rest on the outside of your nostrils. This style of CPAP masks is known by many as the most comfortable CPAP mask. Obviously it comes down to personal preference. However, if you are struggling with therapy and you haven't given a nasal pillow cpap mask a try, you should really consider trying one. The ResMed Swift™ FX is one of the most common Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks. It is also one of our best sellers. We have heard this style of mask referred as many names. We have heard the snorkeler masks, sleep apnea masks, cpack masks, nasal cannula masks and some say the best CPAP Mask!

  • Full Face CPAP Masks.These masks are full face CPAP Masks which means they cover the nose and the mouth. You may or may not have heard the expression "mouth breather." Full Face CPAP Masks are beneficial for several different reasons but if you have the tendency to breathe through your mouth when you sleep then a full face mask is a good solution. Also, people that have high pressures on their CPAP or Bi-Level machines can benefit from a full face mask because they are made to tolerate higher pressures while maintaining a good seal. This style of CPAP masks has been considered over the years to be the least comfortable style of CPAP Masks. Again, the advice we would give would be to make up your own mind. A lot of patients are very happy with the full face style and prefer them over all the other styles. Additionally the technology of CPAP Masks has been advanced tremendously. The CPAP manufacturers have been able to make these masks lighter and less obtrusive. The Quattro FX Full Face CPAP Mask is a perfect example of one of the new styles of full face CPAP Masks that we offer.

  • CPAP Masks for kids. Pediatric CPAP mask development has probably come the furthest in the past few years. There was a need in the health care market for different options for CPAP masks specifically designed with children in mind. Recently the manufacturers have recognized this need and have been developing and testing new designs and new comfort features for children. The Pixi™ Pediatric CPAP Mask for children is a perfect example of this innovative technology in mask design for children.

  • Oral CPAP Masks. The Oral CPAP Mask is one of a kind. Literally, there is only one of this kind. However, it important to have this as an option. For patients with lower pressures on there CPAP Machines the Fisher & Paykel Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask may be a good option. It is essentially like sleeping with a mouth piece and nasal pillows as well. The Oral CPAP Mask is a great option for patients that are claustrophobic.

  • SleepWeaver Cloth Nasal CPAP Mask. This mask is also a specialty CPAP Mask. It is the only mask of it's kind that is made of cloth. The jury is still out on this style of mask. We have heard many of our customers say that it is the most comfortable CPAP Mask that they have ever tried. Sleep centers across the country have begun using these masks as an option for patients that have trouble tolerating CPAP. This soft cloth mask has gotten the attention from the major manufacturers as a possible solution. If you would like to try a different style of mask give this mask a try. We have mask insurance that you can purchase and if you not happy with the results you can return the product with no questions asked.

CPAP Machines

    A prescription is required to purchase any of our CPAP Machines. Your machine will be set according to the prescription your physician provides us with. We use licensed sleep professionals and Registered respiratory therapist to set the machines before we send them out. There are many different types of CPAP machines. They all do the same thing which is provide positive pressure to keep your airway from collapsing. However, they do this is many different ways with many different options and various technical differences between machines. The different CPAP Machines and manufacturers all have there unique features and benefits. It is important to talk with a representative about what machine is right for you. You can get a base model or a Cadillac. It really depends on the patients therapeutic needs. You should ultimately choose a CPAP Machine that will help you with the best chance of being compliant.

  • Fixed pressure CPAP Machines. A fixed pressure CPAP Machine simply means that there is one pressure and it is set and fixed and does not fluctuate. The pressures of a CPAP Machine are measured in cm of water. A typical pressure setting would read like this. John Doe CPAP 9cm H2o. Typically the diagnosis would be on the prescription as well. It would read "Obstructive sleep apnea 327.23" or something similar to that. There are other settings that some physicians will write into the prescription. Ramp is sometimes a feature that physicians will write. Ramp is simply the CPAP machine starting off at a lower pressure and then building up to the fixed pressure as you fall asleep. This process helps allow you to become acclimated to the therapy.

  • Auto CPAP Machines
  • Bi-level or BiPAP Machines
  • Travel CPAP Machines
ResMed CPAP Machines

ResMed manufactures several different types of CPAP Machines and Bi-level machines otherwise known as VPAP machines. They have basic machines and very advanced machines with loads of options and features.

  • ResMed S8 Escape™ II CPAP Machine without Humidifier
  • ResMed S8 ESCAPE™ II CPAP Machine with H4i™ Heated Humidifier
  • ResMed S8 Elite™ II CPAP Machine without Humidifier
  • ResMed S8 ELITE™ II CPAP Machine with H4i™ Heated Humidifier
  • ResMed S9 Escape CPAP Machine with H5i™ Heated Humidifier
  • ResMed S9 Elite CPAP Machine with H5i™ Heated Humidifier
  • ResMed S9 Autoset™ CPAP Machine with H5i™ Heated Humidifier

Here are some of the CPAP Manufacturers that we work with