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All CPAP Water Chambers

Here you will find replacement water chambers for all brands and models of CPAP & Bi-Level machines. Humidifier chambers also called water chambers hold the water that is ran through the humidifier to provide humidity during your CPAP use. Over time these water chambers may develop small leaks or develop white spots from calcium build up. Most, if not all manufacturers suggest to replace your water chamber anywhere from every 3 to 6 months.

Important Note: You can get more life out of your humidifier and humidifier water chamber by using distilled water and following the recommended cleaning schedule. Check out the best weekly and monthly cleaning schedule for your water chamber.

ResMed CPAP and BiPAP Water Chambers
Shop all ResMed model CPAP water chamber tanks for heated humidifiers.
Respironics Water Chambers for CPAP and BiPAP Machines
Shop Philips Respironics CPAP machine water chambers for DreamStation, REMstar 50 and 60 Series and M-Series heated humidifiers.
Fisher Paykel Water Chamber Tanks
Shop Fisher & Paykel CPAP machine water chambers for ICON, SleepStyle and HC150 stand alone heated humidifiers.
3B ResMart Water Chambers
Here you can find replacement water chambers for your 3B ResMart CPAP machines. This water chamber will work with all ResMart models manufactured by 3B Products, Inc.
Devilbiss Water Chambers for CPAP or BiPAP Machines
Devilbiss CPAP and BiPAP Machine Water Chambers for IntelliPAP models. Available for immediate purchase and same day shipping.
Apex Medical Water Chambers
Here you can find water chambers for CPAP machines manufactured by Apex Medical. Example: You will find a water chamber for the ICH Auto.