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CPAP Machine- Fishers and Paykel ICON™

ICON™ CPAP Machine Family: Novo, Premo and Auto

The Fishers and Paykel ICON™ CPAP Machine Family is one of a kind for the treatment of Sleep Apnea! The CPAP Machine is a fully integrated CPAP with Heated Humidifier inside the CPAP machine! Fisher and Paykel ICON Matrix Most CPAP machines have two separate pieces, a CPAP Machine and the a Heated Humidifier. The advantage to this feature is, you never have to worry about a bad connection between two parts, if one fails and the machine is within its 2 year warranty, you simply send us the machine and get a new one in return! No hassles! The ICON™ features an alarm clock as well as a input for your own music to be uploaded for your alarm music! You can now use your CPAP Machine for the treatment of Sleep Apnea and an Alarm Clock!

The CPAP Machine is small in nature and can be taken on your travels easily with its custom travel bag. The machine can be used in any Country as the CPAP Machine has been designed to convert and power internally. You will need to use a Voltage Adpter Plug when necessary as the ICON™ CPAP Machines come with a 110V USA power cord. Simply purchase an Adaptor Plug for your country's power source with a 110v female end for the ICON™ power cord and you can use the machine. The CPAP Machine (ICON™ Premo & ICON™ Auto) will self adjust for any altitude changes that may alter the CPAP Machine's pressure output requirements. The altitude range is from 0 to 9,000ft (o to 3,000m).

The Fishers and Paykel ICON™ CPAP Machine is available in 3 different models:

Fisher and Paykel ICON Water Chamber, CPAP Machine & Heated Tubing

ThermoSmart™ Technology for Heated Humidification

Fishers and Paykel are the innovators of heated humidity and are the front runners of development and technology when adding heated humidity to CPAP Machines. When Heated Humidification was initially added to CPAP Machines or BiPAP Machines, the Fisher and Paykel stand alone Heated Humidifiers were the humidity of choice! Fisher and Paykel Free Standing Heated Humidifiers are still used today by many patients using other manufacturers CPAP or BiPAP Machines because they did not have integration capabilities at that time! That being said, it is obvious when it comes to who has the best heated humidity for a CPAP machine! F&P Heated humidifiers are to this day used in hospitals all around the world!

Heated CPAP Tubing was also started by Fishers and Paykel to help eliminate or reduce rainout. ICON™ Heated CPAP Tubing is used for the ICON™ family of CPAP Machines. Rainout is when condensation builds up and either collects in your tube (potentially causes pressure fluctuations) or dripping back into your mask. The Heated Tube technology keep the humidity settings the same at your mask as it is when leaving the water chamber. By keeping it the same, you reduce the rainout potential while also providing you with a better level of humidity keeping your airway moist. Dryness can be an issue with CPAP or BiPAP therapy because the forced pressure into your airway and that is why heated humidity is important!