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2014 Reviews on CPAP Machines and Masks

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The Latest News and Articles on CPAP Machines and Sleep Apnea Equipment

Tired of being stuck with your old noisy CPAP? Is it time to get a new CPAP? CPAP machines have came a long way since the first one was made in 1981. No longer do they sound like vacuum cleaners or the size of a deep freezer. The new sleek designs of CPAP look more like your alarm clock (the Icon even comes with one) and are so quiet you can hardly even tell it is running.

Sleep apnea used to drive bed partners out of the room and on to the couch and then after a sleep study, OSA diagnosis, and then therapy, you thought you could move back into the bedroom. That was until your bed partner heard how loud the machine was and then it became just another substitute for their sleep disturbances. Well, the new CPAP designs have given your bedroom back to you! Please read the latest CPAP machine reviews and decide which is best for you. Whether you are paying cash or using your insurance (most pay for a new machine every 3-5 years) 1800CPAP.COM is here to help.

Learn the latest about new CPAP machines from ResMed, Respironics, and Fisher and Paykel. ResMed S9 Elite CPAP Machine with H5i Humidifier, Respironics PR System One CPAP Machine with C-FLEX, and Fisher Paykel Icon Premo CPAP Machine with Sensawake. Unbiased CPAP reviews, insights and product details on the newest CPAP machines on the market.

ResMed S9 Elite CPAP Machine with H5i Humidifier and ClimateLine

The S9 Elite with H5i Humidifier and ClimateLine features user-friendly technology to enhance your breathing comfort and reduce system noise. Designed for a more natural breathing experience, the S9 Elite’s enhanced Easy-Breathe technology delivers whisper-quiet therapy from the device and the mask. This means a more restful night for both you and your partner. With its sleek contours and compact size, the S9 Elite looks as natural at your bedside as a clock radio.


S9’s enhanced Easy-Breathe motor eliminates noise, creating a quiet and peaceful environment for you and your bed partner.

The S9 Series includes an enhanced Easy-Breathe motor. Now featuring axial air-flow, the enhanced Easy-Breathe motor produces less turbulence. The innovative design features foam and noise isolating materials incorporated into the base of the S9. The result is simple – less noise.

Radiated noise levels (the sound in the room) are the same as ResMed’s market leading S8 II Series. With noise levels at 24 dBA*, the S9 Series is no louder than normal breathing. Conducted noise levels (the noise through the tube) have been further reduced by 78%!* The result – a peaceful night’s sleep.

Intuitive Design

Sophisticated technology combines with novel user-friendly controls in a stylish new design that departs dramatically from its predecessors.

An intuitive interface makes it a breeze to adjust settings and customize levels:

  • Turn push dial until the parameter you require is displayed in blue.
  • Press push dial. The selection is highlighted in orange.
  • Turn push dial until you see the setting that you require.
  • Press push dial to confirm your choice.

Compliance Management

Patient compliance is the primary focus of S9’s data management systems. The S9 Series offers three ways to prove patient compliance:

  • Data on the device - via the Sleep Quality Indicator and Sleep Report. Visible via the user interface, the Sleep Quality Indicator allows patients to view a snapshot of their therapy. Designed to provide daily feedback and encouragement, the Sleep Quality Indicator identifies usage, leak and AHI information. The Sleep Report offers compliance and therapy data for up to 365 days. Data available includes average usage, used hours, days used, run hours and pressure.
  • The S9 Series is shipped with an SD card inserted. It provides detailed graphical data and high resolution flow data. The S9 SD card stores:
    • 365 days of therapy and compliance data (summary and statistics)
    • 30 days of detailed data (graphs)
    • 7 days of high resolution flow data
  • Modules for direct and remote download.

Climate Control (Optional)

(H5i Humidifier Included with this Purchase)
(ClimateLine Heated Tube Included with this Purchase)

S9’s Climate Control system intelligently adapts to your environmental conditions and delivers optimal temperature and humidity right to the mask. It protects you from rainout without compromising humidity and provides the most comfortable therapy possible.

  • S9's Exclusive Climate Line Heated Tube The ClimateLine heated tube is the key technology in the Climate Control system. It contains revolutionary technologies never before seen in CPAP tubing that enable the delivery of Climate Control and unsurpassed patient comfort. The ClimateLine tube includes a sensitive heating circuit, which is automatically controlled by the Climate Control algorithm to deliver a constant comfortable temperature at the mask. Located at the mask end of the tube, a sensor measures the temperature of the air leaving the tube. Unique to ResMed, this feature offers complete temperature and comfort control.
  • Enhanced H5i Humidifier The H5i heated humidifier delivers market-leading performance. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the S9, the H5i offers relief from dryness and congestion. The H5i senses ambient temperature and humidity in the bedroom.
  • Humidification When you breathe normally, your nose and upper airway add heat and moisture to the air. By the time it reaches your lungs, air should be at body temperature (37°C or 99°F) with 100% relative humidity (44 mg/L). During therapy, higher air pressure can overwhelm your upper airway’s ability to heat and humidify the air. Colder, dryer air can cause a sore throat, dry nose, mouth or throat, nasal congestion and a runny nose. 30 - 70% of patients experience these symptoms.

Respironics REMstar Plus CPAP Machine with Humidifier

REMstar Plus with Humidifier Features

Respironics has consistently offered smarter tools that help sleep professionals provide better care and achieve better results. Now, based on customer input, we're delivering an even higher level of sophistication in a series of intelligent therapy devices that think and act the way you've told us they should.

System One Humidity Control

  • System One Humidity Control prevents rainout by maintaining a consistent mask humidity.
  • Patients choose the mask humidity setting (1 - 5) that is most comfortable for them.
  • System One Humidity Control maintains a consistent mask humidity by monitoring and adjusting for changes in room temperature and room humidity.
  • Other manufacturers' devices only monitor, and adjust for, room temperature; as a result, rainout may occur.

System One Resistance Control

System One Resistance Control achieves complete system comfort by enabling the device and mask to work optimally together. Through simple settings, the technology instructs the device to compensate for variable resistance characteristics related to different masks. The result is synchronous pressure delivery and the assurance patients can enjoy the full benefits of our Flex comfort technologies no matter which Philips Respironics mask is used.

Flex Family

Our natural and clinically-proven technologies that enhance traditional pressure therapy – C-Flex, Bi-Flex, A-Flex, and now C-Flex+ in our fixed-CPAP advanced units – are an excellent way to establish improved patient comfort and increased compliance.

Clinical studies show patients on Flex use their therapy on average more than four hours per night at both 30 and 90 days compared with an average of less than four hours per night when using traditional CPAP.

Find the right choice. Each Philips Respironics Sleep Therapy System device has an on-board Flex Demo mode to allow patients to feel the difference for themselves. It's as easy as pressing a button.

Advanced Event Detection

We've built in more device intelligence so that you can make the most informed decisions possible. Our new sleep system addresses advanced sleep assessment parameters including AHI, large leak, flow limitation and RERAs that help you determine appropriate clinical management of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

But the real advancement is its ability to point out when a patient is experiencing symptoms beyond classic OSA. With intelligent technology that can identify clear airway apneas and periodic breathing, the system immediately indicates the potential need for specialized therapy. With our new system, all events can now be verified by looking at detailed patient flow waveform data captured by the device.

Fisher and Paykel ICON Premo CPAP Machine

The latest in CPAP technology - The ICON™

Over 2 years spent in research and development, the ICON™ CPAP family is the future in CPAP machine design.

If you didn't know it was a CPAP, you might mistake it for a clock-radio! It's shape also allows for a fully internal humidifier - reducing noise and improving efficiency. This CPAP machine fits comfortably at your bedside or on your nightstand.

This NEW Fisher and Paykel product line comes in three different models; Auto, Premo and Novo. The Icon Auto detects interruptions to normal breathing patterns and provides the appropriate increase in positive airway pressure on a breath-by-breath need. The ICON also has full efficacy and compliance reporting functionality. The Premo CPAP model provides fixed CPAP pressure therapy with efficacy and compliance reporting, while the Novo CPAP machine provides basic compliance reporting.

The ICON range also includes Fisher & Paykel’s InfoSmart technologies, which will provide a full range of communication and compliance reporting options.

ICON Premo CPAP Machine Features:

  • ThermoSmart™ Technology for more humidity and comfort
  • premium fixed-pressure CPAP with full efficacy and reporting software
  • Includes travel bag, CPAP tube, user manuals, power cord, compliance memory-stick and extra CPAP filters.


  • Contemporary and stylish design
  • Clock and customizable AlarmTunes™
  • Intuitive one-touch navigation
  • Fully integrated design, less fuss and more functionality!