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Fishers and Paykel CPAP Mask- Zest™

Zest™ CPAP Masks- Petite, Standard or Plus

The Fishers and Paykel Zest™ CPAP Masks are made for customers whom suffer from Sleep Apnea and use a CPAP Machine. The Zest™ can be used with any manufacturers CPAP or BiPAP Machine and is designed with a silicone seal with a foam insert to ensure comfort. The Fishers and Paykel Zest™ family of masks have a Glider™ Strap on the masks that will allow you to move during your sleep from side to side. The freedom of movement from the Glider™ Strap has improved customer satisfaction and compliance with CPAP or BiPAP therapy because it continues to have a perfect seal while you toss and turn. The Zest™ CPAP or BiPAP Masks also have two forehead pad that allows you to maximize your seal when placing the mask to your face. The forehead pads are made of silicone because a very small amount of people are allergic to silicone. There is NO LATEX in their masks, so your odds of being allergic to the CPAP Mask material is extremely minimal! Below are images of the Zest™ Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear, Zest Nasal Cushions- FlexiFoam™ and Silicone Seal together and the Stretchgear Headgear.

The Fishers and Paykel Zest™ CPAP Mask- Nasal is available in 3 sizes:

  • Zest™ Petite- Part Number 400439A
  • Zest™ Standard- Part Number 400440A
  • Zest™ Plus- Part Number 400441A
  • Fisher and Paykel Zest CPAP Mask
    Fishers and Paykel Stretchgear™ Headgear

    The Fishers and Paykel Zest™ CPAP Masks come standard with a Stretchgear™ Headgear that is made specifically for the Zest™ CPAP Mask. This is important because it uses the contour of the mask to maximize your seal. The headgear or headstrap is made so that the fitting of the mask is easy and done based on the way the mask fits on your face. The headgear should be fully stretched on the back of your head with the Fishers and Paykel label at the top of the headgear. If you cannot read the label because it is upside down, you have the headgear wrong! The headgear also has a easy-to-remove feature with the Glider™ Strap. This means you can leave the velcro strap connected and remove the headgear from the Glider™ Strap. This will allow you to remove the mask from your face without changing the fitting setting of the headgear. The Stretchgear™ Headgear is washable and is made so that multiple cleanings will not damage the headgear. The headgear will typically last around 6 months and should be replaced. The reason for replacement is because you will often over tighten a mask to compensate for the stretching of the headgear. When the headgear wears out and you over tighten the mask, you can cause leaks or pain because the mask is not being worn the way it was intended to be worn. Below are images of the StretchGear™ Headgear Easy Release areas, Headgear on the back of head and Stretchgear™ Headgear by itself.

    Zest CPAP Mask Headgear
    Fishers and Paykel Zest™ Nasal Cushions

    The Zest family uses the FlexiFoam™ and Silicone Seal Cushions designed by Fishers and Paykel. The FlexiFoam™ technology allows for a maximized comfort while fitting the mask to your face while the Silicone Seal provides the seal. The FlexiFoam™ and Silicone Seals can be purchased individually or together. The FlexiFoam™ and Silicone seal are easily removed from the mask by pulling the silicone away from the Zest Mask Frame! This will allow for easy replacement of the parts as well as cleaning of just the FlexiFoam™ or Silicone seal. We recommend that you leave the FlexiFoam™ and Silicone Seal attached to the mask to clean it all together, but if you wish to clean individual parts or wish to disinfect all your supplies, the parts are easily removable. To place the FlexiFoam™ and Silicone Seal back onto the Mask Frame, just line up the frame with the grooves in the Silicone Seal and pinch the Seal back onto the frame. The FlexiFoam™ and Silicone Seal are recommended to be cleaned daily due to the oils your face produces. The FlexiFoam™ and Silicone Seal will break down due to the oils as well as the cleaning, so they should be replaced every 3-6 months depending on the wear and tear. Below is an image of the Zest™ FlexiFoam™ and Silicone Seal separated.

    Zest CPAP Mask Cushions

    Fishers and Paykel Zest Downloadable Files:

    Download Zest Sizing Gauge