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CPAP Mask Shopping: Nasal, Full Face or Oral Mask?

Order Nasal, Nasal Pillow and Full Face CPAP Masks

CPAP masks are the razors to the razor blade when it comes to sleep apnea therapy. They need to be replaced often to be effective and we all know that getting a couple of more shaves out of an old razor blade typically leads to a bad shave and razor burn. The same is true with your CPAP replacement supplies. An old mask will usually lead to the CPAP user over-tightening the mask to stop it from mask leak.

Why are CPAP masks not durable? They are, but the life of your mask correlates with how well you take care of it. Cleaning the mask cushion on a daily basis will prolong the life of your mask and help resolve leak issues. Facial oils or make up will build up on the cushion and cause the silicone to break down, that’s why it’s important to wash daily per the CPAP manufacturer’s recommended cleaning schedule.

Regardless of rigorous cleaning of your mask, it will eventually break down or have components break down, meaning the elasticity of the headgear will stretch, the mask cushion will stiffen and leak and the mask frame parts will break down from the wear and tear from nightly use. It is inevitable that you will need to replace your mask (and other CPAP supplies) on a consistent basis. Don’t suffer from restless sleep to get a few more weeks out of your supplies, make a great night’s sleep a high priority.

Which CPAP Masks Are the Best to Buy?

This is a debatable subject but the best answer lies in what mask has worked for you in the past because there is the great saying “If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it”. However, there are people new to CPAP machines that need some helpful advice when it comes to CPAP appliances as well as those looking to make a change. Masks are classified as such:

  • Nasal masks (the most common and traditional triangle shaped that cover the nose)
  • Full Face masks (a mouth breather’s dream; covers the nose and mouth. Great for user’s on high CPAP pressures)
  • Nasal Pillow masks (today’s most popular because they are less invasive and similar to oxygen tubing)
  • Oral masks (scuba anyone? These masks allow you to breathe through mouth only)

Why is it Better to Order CPAP Masks Online?

  • Larger selection and variety of mask available
  • Ships directly to you, no traveling out to the local HME store
  • Easy online shopping makes finding masks simple
  • Best reason of all. It’s a lot less expensive.

How Do I Know What is the Right Size CPAP Mask to Buy?

We make it simple for you with printable mask sizing guides as well as advice from our customer service representatives. You should also know that when you order nasal pillow masks, they come with all the size selections to use. Many of the manufacturers are even offering 2 size cushions included with the purchase. Call today to find out more about our CPAP machines for sale and other supplies(800) 274-1366.