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No RX Required CPAP Mask Kits

Order your CPAP Mask without a  prescription

Here you can find CPAP Mask kits that have everything you need to assemble your own mask and not have to worry about a prescription. Are you having trouble getting a prescription for a CPAP Mask? Don't worry anymore, just buy a CPAP mask kit here and get back to using your CPAP. If your looking to get a complete mask just add the headgear option when your checking out. In most cases you will only have to attach the headgear and that is considered assembling your mask therefore you don't need a prescription.

Nasal CPAP Mask without Prescription
All Nasal CPAP Masks without Headgear allowing the CPAP Mask to be purchased without a precription, but still allowing you to add the headgear.
Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask without Prescription
Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks without Headgear allowing for the purchase of the mask without a Prescription. Headgear may be added during ordering process to make the mask complete.
Full Face CPAP Mask Kits
Full Face CPAP Mask without Headgear allow for the purchase of a Full Face CPAP Mask without a Prescription while allowing the Headgear to still be added to complete the Mask.

CPAP Masks that do not require prescriptions are masks that require some assembly and are packaged in a kit.  Typically this just means they do not have the headgear attached when purchased.  When purchasing a CPAP Mask with Headgear, there is a prescription required in the United States because of how the manufacturers of CPAP Masks submit their paperwork to the FDA for their products.  The CPAP Mask parts do not require prescriptions; therefore a CPAP Mask Frame and CPAP Mask Cushion and CPAP Mask Headgear purchased as parts allows you to purchase the mask and simply put the Headgear on without the need of a RX!

Many CPAP users are under the impression that prescriptions are required for parts as well because when they are seen by a "Brick and Mortar" Medical Equipment company that will submit the claim to your insurance company require you to have a prescription for any and all parts of CPAP Masks or accessories.  This is because the insurance companies are requiring the Medical Equipment companies to obtain an RX prior to dispensing any parts or supplies for the use of CPAP.