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CPAP Supplies and Accessories
CPAP Supplies And Accessories

CPAP supplies are an essential component of on ongoing compliance to CPAP therapy. Most CPAP supplies should be replaced every 3-6 months or per manufacturers recommended replacement schedule. There are often items that CPAP users are unaware they need to replace until that item breaks. When CPAP users are originally set up on CPAP devices, an instructional orientation should be presented highlighting the importance of cleaning and replacing your CPAP supplies. makes shopping for your CPAP supplies quick and easy!

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CPAP Machine Filters

CPAP Machine Filters

Replaced every 3-6 months, filters protect the internal components of the CPAP machine from dust and debris that could otherwise harm your CPAP machine. These filters also reduce the amount of allergens that are carried through the CPAP machine. Some manufacturers (Philips Respironics) offer cleanable and disposable pollen filters, while others (ResMed, Fisher and Paykel) offer only disposable filters.

CPAP Mask Headgear

CPAP Mask Headgear

Headgear or "head strap" are included with your CPAP mask is an item that should be cleaned and replaced every so often, typically every 6 months or for less durable headgear every 3 months. Most CPAP mask headgear should be hand washed and air dried, putting the headgear in you washer and dryer is certain to fray and tatter it. Wear and tear from nightly use of your CPAP will cause the headgear to stretch, making it more difficult to achieve a CPAP mask seal. If you find yourself over tightening the headgear, it's a good idea to replace it.

CPAP Mask Cushions

CPAP Mask Cushions

CPAP Mask Cushions are replaceable items on most CPAP masks. Certain CPAP mask cushions will need to be replaced more frequently than others simply because of the amount of surface area they are covering and the amount of facial oils they collect. Nasal Pillow cushions are the easiest to clean and maintain simply because they have less interaction with the face and the oils produced. Full Face CPAP mask cushions need to be cleaned daily and replaced often. These cushions are more prone to leaks and residue build up. With proper care you should be able to make them last 6 months or so. Nasal CPAP mask cushions, the most commonly prescribed CPAP masks, should follow the same replacement schedule as the full face mask cushions.

CPAP Machine Tubing

CPAP Machine Hoses

CPAP Machine Tubing should be replaced every 3-6 months. Cleaning your CPAP machine hoses is vital in protecting against bacteria build up. Replacement CPAP tubing comes in various sizes from 6 foot to 10 foot for standard and 6 foot for Thermosmart tubing and ResMed ClimateLine™ tubing. ClimateLine™ tubing and Thermosmart™ tubing are heated CPAP tubes that promote better humidification throughout the length of the tubing.

CPAP Machine Humidifier Water Chambers

CPAP Machine Water Chambers

The humidifier to your CPAP machine contains a water tub (chamber) that holds the distilled water used in your CPAP machine humidifier. This water chamber should be cleaned daily (some are dishwasher safe) and avoid leaving water sitting in the water chamber for extended periods of time. Water left for extended periods may promote bacteria growth. Avoid using water from the tap; this will often leave mineral deposits on the inside of the water tub. Some models of CPAPs offer cleanable tubs that will last longer with proper maintenance.

CPAP Chinstraps

CPAP Mask Chinstraps

CPAP mask chin straps are used with nasal pillow CPAP masks or nasal CPAP masks to keep the mouth closed during CPAP use. CPAP mouth breathing can be a result of a few different reasons such as excessive high CPAP pressure settings that are blowing the mouth open, people with deviated septum or people that lack jaw muscle support that helps keep the mouth closed.

CPAP Comfort Items

CPAP Comfort Care Items

Comfort Supplies are typically items that make CPAP use much more tolerable. CPAP bed pillows make sleeping with a CPAP mask easier by reducing pressure points on the face from the CPAP mask. CPAP hose wraps offer a stylish and comfortable way to use your CPAP tubing; break away from the plastic feeling and try something warm and soft. Check out other comfort supplies to see if there is something to make your CPAP experience more comfortable.

CPAP Machine Power Cords

CPAP Machine Power Cords

Power Supplies and CPAP Batteries: Whether you have lost your CPAP power cord or simply looking for other CPAP power sources for that weekend camping trip, has you covered. DC converters, CPAP batteries, and power adapters make CPAP use portable; great for those that are always on the go!

CPAP Mask Parts

CPAP Mask Parts

CPAP Mask Parts: CPAP users can replace parts on their CPAP mask without buying and entire replacement mask. Whether you are looking for CPAP mask clips, forehead support pads or that little plastic piece that broke off, has you covered.

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