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DeVilbiss Healthcare CPAP Bundle

Build your own DeVilbiss Healthcare intelliPAP bundle! Find everything you need to get started on CPAP. Just click on the bundle below and choose your options.

See below for help in building your bundle and qualifying questions to get you started.

Questions to ask yourself when building your DeVilbiss bundle:

  • Do I need a fixed pressure CPAP machine, Auto CPAP or Bi-level machine?
    In most cases this depends on what your doctor wrote on the prescription. A prescription is required to purchase a bundle for US customers.
  • What style of mask should I get?
    This can be sometimes hard to answer. Again, if your doctor wrote you a script for a specific kind of mask then your answer is easy. However, a lot of times your doctor will let you choose.
    We suggest looking at each style and see how they fit. You know how you sleep better than anyone. You know what bothers you and what doesn't. The CPAP mask is truly the most important part of your therapy.
    If you are not happy or comfortable with your mask then you are likely to not be compliant. The good news is there is around 80 different styles and brands of CPAP masks for you to try. Read reviews and educate yourself on what others have success with. We are also available any time you need us. Just give us a call at 1-800-274-1366