Fisher & Paykel CPAP Tubes

Tubing for Fisher & Paykel CPAP machines are available in standard and heated hose models. The ThermoSmart heated hose promotes moisture throughout the entire length of the tube to eliminate the dryness that can sometimes occur with continuous positive air pressure therapy. Standard tubes are available for all models.

Why CPAP Tubes are So Important

It’s easy to think that your CPAP machine is the most important part of your therapy; however, the tube you choose is just as important. The tube does the hard work of carrying the air from the machine to your face mask while maintaining the appropriate pressure throughout.

Features of the Fisher & Paykel CPAP Tubing

Having a high-quality CPAP tube that’s long enough helps reduce the tension on your mask. This provides you with a more comfortable rest where turning over in bed could cause enough tugging on the mask to wake you up. CPAP machine tubing options include heated tubing which helps maintain the humidity levels produced by your CPAP machine, too. Not all tubing fits all machines. It’s important to choose the tubing that’s designed for use with your machine for best results.

Easy to Choose, Easy to Use

Because there is no prescription needed to buy your CPAP tubing, you have the freedom to choose the tubes that best fit your preferences as a customer. Fisher & Paykel tubes are designed to be easy and quick to replace on your CPAP machine. Connect one end to your device and the other end to your mask. Most replacement CPAP hoses snap or plug in without any technical know-how needed. Attachments to the machine and your mask are secure and comfortable for reliable all-night use.

Benefits of Selecting the Right CPAP Hose

When the weight, length, and flexibility of your tubing is a good fit for you, you’re more likely to get a comfortable night’s sleep. Many of the Fisher & Paykel hoses are six feet long which is enough distance from your CPAP machine to be able to move naturally in your sleep. These tubes are also designed to feel lightweight to avoid discomfort.

Made for Use with Humidifying Machines

These lines of tubing provide feature-rich performance, such as maintaining moisture-controlled air consistently. Tubes with a water chamber connector are designed for use with a humidifying unit. The humidity of the positive air pressure therapy keeps your nasal cavity comfortable and prevents drying it out. Heated CPAP tubing eliminates the need for fussy tubing covers.

Replacing Your CPAP Tubes

Regular replacement of your CPAP hose keeps your therapy working properly and ensures your continued good health. Used tubes may harbor germs like bacteria that can cause illness even when you clean them regularly. Manufacturers generally provide guidance on how frequently tubes should be replaced. It’s a good idea to always have a spare hose on hand with your other CPAP items so that you can change it out as needed.

Maximize the Results of Your CPAP Treatment

Don’t overlook the importance of selecting the best tubing for your CPAP device. Fisher & Paykel CPAP tubes come in a variety of styles for several types of CPAP units. With advanced features and customer friendly design, these hoses can help improve your satisfaction with the CPAP treatment.

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