FitLife Total Face CPAP Mask Kit

$149.00 to $159.00
SKU: FitLife Total Face Mask Kit by Respironics

Philips Respironics FitLife Total Face

This Product DOES NOT Require a Prescription

Product Description

The FitLife Total Face CPAP mask is a larger full face mask option for users that have some unique characteristics. Not every CPAP user can utilize the "typical" styled full face masks, so the total face was developed to reach those users.

FitLife provides a quick, robust seal around the less pressure-sensitive areas of the face while allowing an unrestricted view. Sizing is easy, however, the large mask will fit most people. If you are not sure what size to get just go to the fitting guide tab on the top of this page and download the sizing templates. You simply download the PDF file and then print out the templates at full size and then you cut out the sizing guide and they are accurate.

Who Does the FitLife Work Best For?

  • Customers with excess facial hair
  • Users with Dentures
  • General facial irregularities
  • Nasal bridge breakdown

Claustrophobia- A lot of patients with moderate to severe claustrophobia find that the FitLife makes them feel in control.

The FitLife covers your entire face and the seal is around the edge. This somehow seems to make claustrophobic patients feel at ease.

This is just an observation and not guaranteed to be that way for every customer.

Features and Benefits

  • Distinct Full Face Seal - Receive an air tight seal covering your forehead to your chin. Designed for specific CPAP users, this mask ensures effective sleep therapy.
  • O2 Port - Utilize oxygen as well as air pressure with the unique oxygen port. Achieve the therapy you need without limits!
  • 360 degree Swivel - Find the best sleeping position without the struggle of your CPAP mask. Easily adjusting to any angle, this swivel rotates according to you!

Included in This Package

  • (1) FitLife CPAP Mask Frame (in selected size)
  • (1) Accessory Swivel
  • (1) FitLife Entrainment Elbow
  • (1) Product manual
  • Optional Headgear 

Optional Accessories

Recommended Replacement Schedule

  • Cushion: Every 1-3 Months (or as needed)
  • Headgear: Every 3-6 Months (or as needed)
  • Complete Mask: Every 9-12 Months (or as needed)
  • Tube Hose: Every 1-3 Months (or as needed)
  • Associated Parts: 1060801, 1060802, 1060807, 1060808, 1089990, 1072530
  • Latex Free: Yes
  • Insurance Codes: A7030
  • International Shipping: Yes
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lb.
  • RX Required?: No
  • Travel Sized: Yes
  • US Shipping Cost: Free Standard Ground

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6/11/2020 1:16 pm

Better adhesive needed for mask

by Steven -

The mask has a weakness. The adhesive holding the soft part of the mask to the hard part is not very good. The mask tends to leak after a few months along this seam. A better longer lasting adhesive would certainly help increase the usable life of the mask.

9/5/2019 11:26 pm


by Fred Villines (Oklahoma City, OK) -

Great mask. It would be great to develop something that keeps air from blowing in eyes. I have now developed chronic dry eye.