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Fixed Pressure Bi-Level Machines

Fixed pressure machines or standard Bi-Level or Bi-PAP Machines are Machines that have a set pressure that is determined by your physician. This pressure is chosen most likely because of the results of your Bi-Level (or Bi-PAP) Titration study. A Bi-Level (or Bi-PAP) Titration is where you sleep with the Bi-Level (or BiPAP) Machine in a lab and the sleep technologist will titrate the pressure up until it effectively eliminates your apnea events and maintains a good oxygen level. A Bi-Level (or Bi-PAP) Machine setting is measured in cm of water. A Fixed Bi-Level (or Bi-PAP) Prescription would read something like this. Bob Smith, DX OSA 327.23 Bi-Level (or Bi-PAP) at 12cm/ 9cm.

However these days there is rarely a true need for a Bi-Level (or Bi-PAP) titration and a fixed Bi-Level (or Bi-PAP) machine. Auto Bi-Level machines will adjust the pressure automatically to give you the optimal pressure based on airflow detection.

Below you will find Fixed Bi-Level (or Bi-PAP) Machines that we carry in stock by manufacturer or price. If you don't see what you are looking for please give us a call at 1-800-274-1366.

DeVilbiss Healthcare Bi-Level Machines
DeVilbiss Healthcare has been manufacturing Bi-Level devices for over 30 years now. They are one of the first manufacturers of this type of therapy that consists of 2 pressures for the treatment of sleep apnea.
ResMed Fixed Pressure VPAP Machines
Here you can find all of ResMed's Fixed Pressure VPAP Machines. Fixed pressure VPAP or Bi-Level machines consists of 1 pressure when you inhale and 1 pressure when you exhale. These pressures are set from your physician or sleep technologist.
Respironics Fixed Pressure Bi-Level Machines
Philips Respironics is the manufacturer of CPAP and Bi-Level therapy devices used in conjunction with a CPAP mask interface for the treatment of sleep apnea. Search here for their Bi-Level Fixed pressure Machines.