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HDM Z1™ Base Travel CPAP Machine

HDM Z1 CPAP Machine Image
HDM Z1 CPAP Machine Image HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP Machine HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP Machine HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP Machine with Integrated Battery PowerShel HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP Machine
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HDM Z1™ Base Travel CPAP Machine is the smallest on the market today, weighing only 10 ounces. Zbreathe™ Pressure Relief technology, (HME), quiet. Great for traveling. See more details below!
Manufacturer: Human Design Medical
MPN: HD60-1005

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HDM Z1™ Base Travel CPAP Machine

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The HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP machine is a must have for people on the go. This machines has everything you need for a successful sleep therapy experience. The Z1 is the smallest, lightest, most portable CPAP in the world, weighing only 9.8 OUNCES with a 3 year warranty and ready to go on your next adventure! This little machine gives you the freedom you so deserve.

To actually hold a HDM Z1™ in your hand is amazing and mind blowing due to the size and weight alone. Exploring the unit’s many facets of the Z1™ takes the amazement to another level. The HDM Z1™ has everything you need in a CPAP Travel machine. Don't let the size fool you into thinking this little machine doesn't deliver. It has all the features that a bigger CPAP machine has and more and designed to make using a CPAP machine a pleasant experience.

Features of the HDM Z1™ Travel CPAP Machine

  • Smallest CPAP Available: Designed to be elegant and refined, the Z1 CPAP has been considered and measured from every angle to ensure it is as small and comfortable and capable as possible! The Z1 is tiny at 2.02 x 6.48 x 3.3 inches.

  • Extremely Light: The Z1 CPAP is ultra-light, weighing only 10 ounces, is FAA approved and will fit easily into any overnight bag; but it's sleek styling, modern looks, and quality materials mean that it will look great and fit perfectly on your nightstand.

  • Whisper Quiet: The Z1 CPAP is built for sleep, so it is very quiet. The HDM Z10153 is one of the quietest CPAPs on the market, producing only 26 dBA on average of sound during operation.

  • Optional PowerShell with Battery: PowerShell™ with Integrated Battery: The Z1™ has an integrated battery system that is called the PowerShell™ that delivers a full night of cord-free power on a fully charged battery, making camping and other travel plans simple and easy without worrying about power.

    The optional battery is included with the PowerShell when purchased.

    For nights away from fixed power the Z1's optional PowerShell Battery Pack, provides an innovative, integrated solution merging the machine and battery in one convenient package.

    The PowerShell holds one battery that will last 1-2 nights between charges. For additional batteries -- at 8 ounces each they won't weigh you down!

    The Z1 PowerShell Battery Pack can also be used as a uninterrupted power supply, automatically taking over during a power outage or blackout .

  • Compliance Data: The Z1 CPAP makes it easy. The Z1 records compliance information including events and time of use. Free Z1 Software (Currently available for Windows PCs with a OSX Version Coming Soon) presents data in a user-friendly interface where you can track your therapy progress and provide it to others as needed.

  • Z-Breath Pressure Relief: Z1 delivers a more natural breathing experience with proprietary Z-Breathe. Z-Breathe learns from your breathing patterns, gently reducing therapy pressure on exhalation to improve overall therapy comfort. Set Z-Breathe to moderate or maximum pressure relief to suit your personal preference.

  • Altitude Adjustment: The Z1 CPAP automatically adjusts to altitudes up to 8,000 feet above sea level. Approved by the FAA for use on airplanes and will adjust automatically to an airplane's cabin pressure.

    When traveling outside the US the Z1 will convert the voltage automatically so you can continue enjoying safe and comfortable sleep therapy wherever your next adventure takes you.

  • Automatic Leak Compensation: To ensure you're always receiving your prescribed sleep therapy pressure the Z1 will automatically compensate for minor air leakage and mask leaks. If Z1 detects an excessive air leak that could be detrimental to therapy its display screen will warn you to ensure that the leak is corrected.

  • Humidification: The HDM Z1™ CPAP Has the Humidification Moisture Exchange system that provides the moisture needed without the weight of a humidifier.

  • Ramp: For people who prefer to fall asleep with therapy at lower pressure levels, the Z1's ramp comfort feature is a perfect solution. Ramp slowly increases therapy pressure over time, from 0 to 45 minutes, so you can breathe naturally as you fall asleep.

  • LCD Display: Big, Bright and easy to see The Z1's backlit LCD display provides information on your current pressure setting, ramp time, power status, and more. With the Z1 you can always check your current therapy status, the display has an auto-off function, when it's not needed the backlight turns off automatically so it won't keep you up as you drift off to sleep!

  • Compatable With Any CPAP Mask: The Z1 CPAP comes complete with a Universal Tube Adapter and a 48 inch slim tube. If you prefer longer tubing or performance tubing it can also be used with that too; and will work with any CPAP mask on the market

    Included in This Package

    • 1 Z1 Base Travel CPAP Machine
    • Tube Adapter
    • 4 ft. Slim-Style tube
    • Power Supply
    • Custom USB Cable
    • HME(2)
    • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • User Manual
    • Get Started Guide

    Compatible Humidifier

    The Fisher & Paykel HC150 stand alone heated humidifier will work with the Z1 travel machines.

    Choose your favorite CPAP Mask... Don't Worry it Is Compatible!

Product Category:Health & Beauty > Health Care > Respiratory Care > PAP Machines
Mode of Operation:CPAP Machine - Fixed Pressure
Warranty:3 Year
Pressure Range:4-20 cm H2O
Ramp Time:0-45 minutes
Starting Ramp Pressure:4 to CPAP Pressure
Filters:Yes - Polyester Fiber
Device Set-up:LED Display
Data Storage Capacity (Min):30 Days of Treatment
Data Storage Content:Events and time of use.
Compliance Meter:Events and time of use.
Altitude Compensation:Automatic Up To 8000 Feet
Electrical Requirements:AC power 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Auto Sensing)
Humidifier:Yes Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME) included for optional use.
AC Power:AC power 100-240V, 50-60Hz (Auto Sensing
Breath Rate:Z-Breathe (Settings 1-Minimum, 2-Maximum)
Actual Weight:10 oz.
US Shipping Cost:Free
Travel Sized:Yes
Dimensions:approximately 6.48 x 3.30 x 2.02 Inches
Sound Level:Less than 26 dBA Average
Battery Power:integrated battery
RX Required?:Yes
Weight (Machine Only):10 ounces
Associated Part #'s:HD60-1005 (Z1 CPAP Machine), HD60-1010 (Z1 CPAP Machine with PowerShell Battery Pack)
Insurance Codes:E0601
FAA Aproved:Yes

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Love this thing!
Bob M (Blaine, MN) 12/9/2014 10:55 AM
My main machine is an S9. It's great but a bit bulky for travel. I but the Z1 to put in a travel kit and only use it for that. I decided to try it at home first. Like many of the complaints that many have already stated they are minimal but all true. There is more of a whine when inhaling. There is a bit more "back pressure" to exhale against. Just keep going. After a very short while I felt like the machine wasn't fighting me anymore. I don't know if it "learns" your breathing and adjusts or I just calmed down at it became perfect. To be honest, at first I had a slight bit of doubt that I would like it. After 3 nights I won't give it up. The other thing I found really surprising is that I actually slept more soundly. I never got up to go to the restroom at all. I haven't slept that well in years. I would still like to see the A/C power supply built in or smaller yet. If the power pack was smaller it would be absolutely perfect. I don't have the battery pack option yet but I'm so impressed with this machine I'm tempted to buy it too.
Not for dehydrated patients
Linda Wade (Midland TX) 6/1/2014 1:55 AM
It says so in the instruction book after you get it. The humidity moisture exchange does not work well for people in dry climates and for allergy patients who get dehydrated easily. I wish the ads had said that before I opened the package and tried it out. Nice size for carrying on airplanes.