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At Home Sleep Apnea Test Device Kit

Home Sleep Testing Service at 1800CPAP.COM
Home Sleep Testing Service at 1800CPAP.COMApnea link is easy to useHome Sleep Testing kitHome Sleep Testing Kit Apnea Link Air by ResMedApnea link plus at homeApnea link home sleep testing kitApnea link test results screen shotApnea Link Plus Home Sleep Testing DeviceApnea link example home sleep test report
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ApneaLink Plus is an at home sleep testing device used for diagnosis of sleep apnea. This device itself is not for sale but rather the service of diagnostic testing and test result interpretation. A CPAP Prescription provided for positive results!
Manufacturer: 1800CPAP.COM
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At Home Test Kit For Sleep Apnea

Do you suspect you have sleep apnea but you don't want to spend a few nights away from your home with strangers to get your diagnosis? You don't have to do that anymore! There has been several technological advances in home diagnostic equipment for diagnosing sleep apnea over the past several years. The sleep industry has recognized that more people would be tested and diagnosed if they were in the comfort of their own home. This thought process has lead to innovative and effective home sleep testing devices that can record accurate data that will show you if you have sleep apnea or not.

Home sleep testing has been proven in many ways to be just as effective as a free standing sleep center for a diagnostic test of sleep apnea for a majority of the UN-diagnosed population. With the 1800CPAP.COM home sleep testing program you will get Registered Polysomnography Sleep Technicians manually scoring your test and a Board Certified Sleep Physician interpreting your test and giving recommendations and diagnosis if applicable.

Please Note

This device is intended for the testing of suspected sleep apnea in adults (18 and over) that DO NOT have co-morbid conditions. If you suffer from heart failure, COPD, or nueromuscular disorders it is recommended that you consult a sleep physician about testing done in a lab setting of a sleep disorder center.

Please note that there is a need for a traditional sleep lab in some cases. If you are not sure if you would be a good candidate give us a call at 1-800-274-1366

The Seven Steps For A Home Sleep Test

  • 1.) Order the home sleep test kit above by adding the product to the cart and checking out
  • 2.) We will mail you the ApneaLink™ Plus home sleep testing kit along with a brief medical history form
  • 3.) Follow the instructions included in your package and sleep with the testing device the night you receive it
  • 4.) Return the device via the return shipping label included in the package.
  • 5.) The data from the sleep testing device is downloaded and interpreted by Board Certified Sleep Physician
  • 6.) The results and recommendations are mailed to you as soon as they are interpreted.
  • 7.) If you have a positive test for sleep apnea we will send your prescription along with your interpreted report.

All of our Home Sleep Test customers will receive 15% off all CPAP Machines, Masks and supplies. The whole process takes approximately 4-7 business days!

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Sleep Disorder Breathing

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and sleep disordered breathing (SDB) is recognized as a serious health problem that impacts approximately 43 million US adults. It is estimated that more than 80% of the US population remain undiagnosed.

Potential Long Term Consequences of Untreated Sleep Apnea

  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Erectile Dysfunction

Signs or Symptoms You May Have Sleep Apnea

  • Daytime Fatigue/Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
  • Falling asleep while driving
  • Memory Loss
  • Moodiness/Irritability
  • Type II Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Morning Headaches

Please Note: This is a testing service only and this device is not for sale. Due to the high cost and demand on the device, we do require that credit card information is secured before a device is released to you. For this, you will be sent an Adobe EchoSign file once your order processed. This document must be reviewed and signed before a unit is released to you. It is important that this is used and returned within 7 business days after it arrives to your residence with the return label that is included for you to avoid for any charges. If the device is not returned within 7 business days, the full purchase price of the device ($2,500.00) will be deducted from your payment method. Signature required upon delivery.

ApneaLink Information

  • Respiratory Effort belt with EasySense to monitor the efforts of your chest/thoroabdominal areas
  • Easy to use recording enhanced recorder light status; improved Start/Stop button
  • Simple component connectors
  • Pulse Oximetery to measure your blood oxygen levels during sleep
  • Nasal Cannula to monitor your breathing airflow and detection of pauses in breathing

ApneaLink Plus offers:

  • Differentiation of apneas—leads to clearer diagnosis and more accurate, effective reports
  • Cheyne-Stokes respiration detection
  • New prescription page—streamlines process for healthcare professionals
  • AHI graphic and risk indicator—can highlight either AHI or RI
  • Configurable analysis parameters—allow for the adjustment of obstructive and central apnea thresholds
  • Five measurements of oxygen saturation

Important note: It is highly suggested that you take the test the night you do receive the device to avoid further charges. In the event that you cannot use the device and return to us within 7 business days please contact a customer service representative immediately.

Copy RX Required When Applicable

Product Category:Health & Beauty > Health Care > Medical Tests
Mode of Operation:Home Sleep Apnea testing service
Device Set-up:HST
US Shipping Cost:Free
International Shipping:No

Product Reviews

(80 Ratings, 8 Reviews) Average Rating:
Great Value, Easy
Kane (US) 11/28/2017 10:21 AM
Like most, my insurance sucks (thank you Democrats). Had I gone through Aetna, even having met my annual deductibles, it still would have cost thousands because of the insurance terms. It is not like you get a script and they say, 'great, we'll pay 70%'. In my case, you need a referral from a general physician, a sleep physician consultation, a sleep study - with very specific requirements for insurance to recognize, then a post sleep study consultation, and finally - inevitably, a CPAP Machine. THEIR choice of CPAP machines. Only they pay 70%, (assuming you met your deductible, otherwise zero) toward monthly lease/rental payments from a in-network device provider. AND - it is required to perform another sleep study every 6 months. So you are stuck forever dealing with health insurance claims. Again - this is my scenario, my crappy insurance. Contrast this to 1800CPAP. I ordered a sleep study kit. It arrived a day later via FedEx, I did the study that night, sent it back with their return label, and 2 days later I had a script, as my AHI and study results were off the charts. $250. I researched machines, got to choose the one I wanted - Phillips DreamStation, DreamWear mask, heated tube, humidifier. $825 with a coupon code they provided, shipped free, no tax. I could not find better pricing anywhere - and I look. (I LOVE IT. My AHI went from 60+ to under four every night.) SO - $1,100 all in. And, I own the machine. This whole process was SO painless. The money saved, even had insurance covered it, is still thousands. Do not let the cheesiness of the '1800CPAP' name marginalize the legitimacy of their products and services. Very responsive to questions, very professional, and as advertised. There were no hidden fees, hidden surprises, etc. Why anyone would go through their insurance is beyond me.. This process took about a week and now I'm sleeping better than I have in years. I should have done this a long time ago. Highly recommended.
Big reason for choosing 1800CPAP
Dale (WV) 12/16/2016 10:17 AM
This service is perfect if you (A) have never been tested before and want to know if you have sleep apnea, or (B) like me, you've been diagnosed before but need to refresh your prescription to purchase a replacement machine and/or for insurance (mine requires a sleep study every 10 years). It does not replace a full-blown sleep study done in a medical facility, where they are better able to diagnose more complex sleep abnormalities or perform a pressure titration for recommended pressure settings. If that were the case, the pulmonologist at 1800CPAP would recognize this and refer you for follow-up, which is good. My insurance even paid for this in-home test :) I highly recommend 1800CPAP for providing this service, and for there ability to ship internationally (I travel overseas frequently, and for long assignments). Did my homework before choosing them, highly recommended, especially for business travelers.
John Rowe (Longview, TExas) 6/6/2014 8:46 PM
Great service - Took about a month to get my test kit but once I got it within 5 days I had not only my results and prescription but also my machine and a much better nights sleep. OVer a year ago my Dr wanted me to go to his clinics sleep lab for test - cost was going to be $1800 at minimum, could be more if they needed more extensive testing and then if positive the machine and accessories were going to be even more. Got everything from 1800CPAP for much less than the cost of his test and I actually got one of the more expensive machines. I could have got one for much much less, but with all the money they saved me why not go for top of the line!
Very satisfied
Bonita Lorenz (San Diego) 1/6/2012 11:24 PM
I hadn't had a sleep study done before but had all the symptoms of sleep apnea. I decided to try this test. As it turns out I did have obstructive sleep apnea. I got a auto cpap machine from at a great price! They really helped me through this whole process. I highly recommend this home sleep apnea test and the great service from Thanks!
Thank you so Much!
Mary Helmsley (San Diego) 11/20/2011 12:42 AM
I was told to get a sleep study done roughly 10 years ago. I put it off so long because i couldn't bare the thought of having people watch me all night long with video cameras and being hooked up to 1000 wires and plugs. Thank God for technology and Thank God for 1800CPAP.COM and this home test service. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea using this device I have been on CPAP now for three months and have never felt better! This team of people here were amazing to deal with! They didn't make me feel stupid and they helped me through everything! The test was so easy and the service was incredibly fast! Thanks for everything!

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