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What is the Independent Marketing Agent (IMA) program?

Independent Marketing Agent or IMA is a referral program designed to offer sleep professionals an opportunity to earn supplementary income for directing self pay or high deductible CPAP patients to understands the pivotal roles that sleep professionals play when it comes to CPAP therapy and compliance. There is an economic factor to CPAP compliance as well as traditional follow up and a patient that cannot afford his/her CPAP or supplies will most likely ignore or discontinue therapy. In today’s economic climate, patients are searching for more affordable solutions to healthcare needs and we are obligated to help them down this path to insure success. This is where the IMA program benefits all; we bridge the gap between CPAP use and affordability.

How Does IMA work?

You identify self-pay or high deductible patients looking to purchase CPAP or CPAP supplies without using their insurance (in most cases, this will be less expensive to the patient). It is important to note that this is a cost savings program for the patient, so if it makes sense for them to use their insurance, you are not encouraged to solicit them to Each independent marketing agent (IMA) is assigned an ID number which identifies a referral in our system. Your referrals are calculated on a monthly basis and a check will be issued to you. IMAs that earn over $599.00 in a calendar year are issued a 1099 income tax form. There are no membership fees or out of pocket expenses to IMAs.

How Do I Refer Patients To

    There are 3 ways to process your referral:

  • Fax the custom referral form to (we provide you with these forms) and fill out the required information. We do all the “leg work”.
  • Fill out the referral form online with the required information (remember to always use your referral ID number so that you get credit)
  • Phone. Simply call one of our customer service agents and provide the required information over the phone.

What Is My Earning Potential?

Your earning potential is based on your ability to identify CPAP patients that are looking to pay out of pocket; in some cases these are uninsured or high deductible patients. There is no limit to your earning potential and IMAs are encouraged to help as many of these patients save money by purchasing their CPAP equipment through

What Kind Of CPAP Equipment Does Provide?

We carry CPAP machines, masks, and supplies from all the major manufacturers and set up your patients with the equipment YOU select or give the patients the opportunity to decide for themselves which model they would prefer. We are vendor neutral and we do not force equipment on patients like some of the traditional DME companies.

What Kind Of Follow-Up Program Do You Offer?

Our customer agents (also sleep professionals) provide initial follow up calls as well as educational DVDs and phone in-services as required. Reporting capabilities are determined by the make and model of the device you or the patient has selected.

Why Are So Many CPAP Users Shopping Online?

    The 2010 national average deductible was $1200.00. Health savings accounts (HSAs)with high deductibles are gaining momentum to keep patients monthly premiums down, this has left many people with large out of pocket expenses for obtaining healthcare equipment

  • Lower Prices: A fraction of the cost from “traditional” DME companies
  • Convenience: Products arrive right to their front door and they don’t have to travel to find a store. Most items are always in stock and delivered promptly
  • Larger Variety of Manufacturers and Items: Patients can choose new/different and masks and machines

  • Does Accept Insurance Patients?

    Yes. We do have the ability to bill insurance however these patients or referrals do not qualify for the IMA program.

Independant Marketing Agent Referral Form

Download IMA referral forms

Independent marketing agents make easy money!

Congratulations! So many IMA's have signed up and better yet so many are making money! You are providing a great service by sending your patients to1800CPAP.COM We have had an overwhelming response from the patients you have sent us. They appreciate you guys and are glad that you are working with us to see they are taken care of the right way.

Haven't received your packet?

We have had some cases where IMA's were not receiving there welcome packets. If you receive this email but you haven't received your welcome packet please email us and let us know. Remember this is not some scam people are making a lot of extra money by simply referring their self pay CPAP patients to us using their personal IMA number in the coupon code of our site. If you forget your number or have general questions contact

Here is a question that keeps coming up from our agents.

  • Q. When will I receive my check for my first referral?
  • A. If you have signed the legal agreement that came with your welcome packet you will receive your check no later than 2 weeks from the date of your referral. Checks are cut twice in a given month.

Please continue giving feedback and sharing ways of promoting your IMA number.
Good Luck!

"I couldn't believe how easy this was! I was apprehensive at first until I got my first check in the mail. It was only for $80 but hey anything helps. I sent 2 patients 1 got a machine and 1 got 2 masks because the price was so good. It was so easy I just filled out the forms i got in my packet and faxed it in. I called the patient a week later and they were very happy with the service they received. Can't wait to see how much money I can make with this thing."

Jackson, Chicago

"I would like to thank you guys for this great opportunity! I was able to quit my second job off of the referrals I have been sending you guys! I have followed up with my patients and they were all very happy with the service that you all at 1800cpap provided! My first check came so fast I couldn't believe it. Thanks again."

Maria, North Carolina

"This thing is the real deal. I can't believe this hasn't been done before. With insurance deductibles so high these days it just makes sense to purchase online for a lot of people. Looking forward for my first check."

James, Dallas

"We don't mess with CPAP equipment at my lab so i have a lot of potential people I could refer to this program. I have been looking at the registration and when people register self pay I make sure I contact them if they have a positive study. It is working great. I have been doing this for a month now and have a lot more spending money! I would recommend this program to anyone who wants extra income and let's face it who doesn't need extra income!"

Dave, Chicago

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