Lowest Prices: CPAP Machines Costs

It’s a well-known fact that more and more people that are diagnosed with sleep apnea are turning to the internet to purchase products they normally left the house to buy. Medical supplies are also following this pathway as many people look for the best cpap machine costs on type of machine devices. Shopping for prescription-required products like CPAP machines and CPAP masks can be confusing but the pros far outweigh the cons.

1) Lower prices than using your insurance; offering you the best deals on CPAPs.

2) We carry all the major CPAP manufacturers from Philips Respironics and ResMed to Fisher and Paykel; meaning you get to choose the equipment you want and NOT what the local HME company chooses for you.

3) All items in stock means no waiting for your local HME companies to order you supplies in.

4) We ship anywhere to you. On vacation and your CPAP mask breaks; don’t worry because we offer overnight delivery.

5) On staff, Board-Certified Sleep Physician means our expert advice helps you decide what products are best for your type of sleep apnea.

6) The lowest price guarantee means we will match our competitor’s lowest price on qualified products.

7) We offer the same manufacturer warranty and mask exchanges.

8) Moved and need to find a new local sleep doctor? Our Sleep Center database will connect you.

9) Want to bill your insurance for CPAP? We offer you the billing code information as well as a company that will provide your supplies through insurance (certain restrictions apply).

10) Why leave the cozy confines of your house and spend time and money to drive to the local CPAP store? Let us ship your supplies right to your front door.

Healthy sleep is a building block to better health. Sleep apnea supplies should be affordable to anyone not to just those with good insurance. Replacing your CPAP filters, humidifier water chambers, tubing, and mask is an essential part of successful therapy. See our recommended replacement schedule for more information.

The Benefit of Using Adhesive CPAP Supplies

Not only are they some of the cheapest CPAP supplies, but they also work well to create an effective sealing CPAP mask that delivers reliable pressure to provide a good night’s sleep. The Bleep Dreamport Patches are hypoallergenic and disposable for single use. The small breathing ports are also recyclable once the tape has been removed. Each box contains 32 patches for 16 nights of use--that’s more than two weeks!

Achieve Greater Comfort

Choosing the right CPAP machines is the best way to ensure effective CPAP therapy. This equipment is versatile and lightweight for the patient, offering a CPAP machine solution that can help motivate compliance and mask-wearing for better sleep.

CPAP masks are typically a very personal choice for many, and finding the right mask is not always easy. But when looking for comfort in a CPAP mask, it’s hard to go wrong with the Bleep DreamPort Patches and the DreamPort Sleep Solution.

Easy to Order Anytime

These CPAP supplies don’t require a prescription which makes them a convenient solution for sleep apnea patients. The CPAP masks that use these adhesive patches offer an easy setup of the CPAP therapy system. They also minimize any red marks or irritation on the skin, which can sometimes occur with traditional Full Face CPAP masks and machines and may discourage their use.

Usage Tips

There are very few steps necessary for using this kind of CPAP mask. For optimal results, make sure your nose is clean and free from any oils, makeup, or dirt, as this can impact the quality of the seal since it can interfere with how well the adhesive sticks. For best results, consider using Bleep DreamPreps Witch Hazel Facial Pads before attaching the patches to make sure the nose is completely clean and ready for use with the DreamPorts. Avoid cleaning the nose with soap, as some soaps have lotion and can impact the seal of the adhesive.

Sweet Dream with the DreamPort

Because the DreamPort uses convenient Bleep DreamPort Patches, you can be assured of having a clean and like-new CPAP mask experience every night. Reduce the time it takes to keep your equipment in good working order and thoroughly cleaned.

Spend more time maintaining your typical nighttime routine, and wake up with less redness and irritation on your face, which is often a tell-tale sign of CPAP usage. You’ll sleep better, wake looking more refreshed, and you’ll also take good care of your wallet since these are some of the cheapest CPAP supplies available.