Who Has The Lowest Prices on ResMed CPAP Machines?

The Lowest Price Guarantee on CPAP Machines, Masks, and Supplies...(Psst, please don't tell the manufacturers how low we are selling their products for, they might cut us off)!

I'm sure the thrifty online CPAP shopper has seen the advertisements for "Lowest Prices Guaranteed" everywhere when they are looking for ResMed CPAP machines and supplies but what does that mean? Everyone says that they are the lowest but they all charge the same amount; weird huh? That's because everyone follows MIRP (minimum internet retail price). Here's an inside tip; 1800CPAP.com REALLY does offer the lowest prices online!

Why Are These CPAP Prices Regulated By The Manufacturer(s)?

Simple answer is the CPAP manufacturers cater to the DME/HME (durable medical equipment) companies that bill your insurance provider a significantly higher amount for these same products. Why is that? Because there are thousands of brick and mortar health care companies that charge you and arm and a leg compared to only a few reputable online providers that give you wholesale CPAP pricing! I'm sure if enough people researched it prior to receiving their CPAP machines, masks and equipment, they would see that there is less out of pocket costs when they whip out that their credit card and buy it online versus whipping out that insurance card.

How Does 1800CPAP.COM Avoid These CPAP Manufacturers Unfair "Rules"?

Simple, we care more about our relationships with our customers than our relationship with manufacturers and we offer you discounts anyways! We provide advice on similar purchasing products made by other, more reasonable, manufacturers.

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