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Oral CPAP Masks

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare makes the only Oral CPAP Mask of it's kind. This mask is a very niche mask in that it only works for a select group of people. The problem is finding out if you are one of those people. That being said, there is no middle of the road users of the Oracle 452 CPAP Mask. You either love it and that is the only mask you will ever use or you won't use it again. An Oral CPAP mask like the Oracle 452 delivers the air or pressure through a mouth piece. The mouth piece comes in two sizes and is placed behind the lips and in front of the teeth. An outside flap is then fitted into the mouthpiece and folded over the lips. This combination keeps the device stable in the mouth. This device can be a great alternative to a full face mask because there are less pressure points on your face compared to traditional full face masks. So if you are a heavy "mouth breather" and just can't stand wearing a traditional full face mask, the Oracle 452 Oral CPAP Mask by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare may be the right mask for you.

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Oral CPAP Mask by Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Fisher & Paykel Oracle™ Oral CPAP Mask with Headgear
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Fisher & Paykel Oracle™ Oral CPAP Mask with Headgear
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First ever developed oral mask, a milestone in mask design. The Oracle™ 452 delivers pressure through the mouth rather than the nose, offering the patient yet another choice of delivery.