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Philips Respironics New System One 60 Series Auto CPAP DS560TS

We have been getting phone calls for months asking when Respironics is going to come out with a CPAP machine that offers heated CPAP tubing. Well, that day has arrived. The newest Auto CPAP (APAP) machine on the market from Philips Respironics offers you all the great quality of their DS550HS Auto CPAP functionality PLUS the new heated CPAP tubing system. What makes a heated CPAP tube so special anyways? Well, CPAP studies have shown that for every foot length of tubing, a percentage of the actual humidity is lost and for those that use standard 6’, 8’ or 10’ CPAP hose, you may be losing most of your humidity before it actually gets to your CPAP mask.

PR System One 60 Series APAP

So why is important to maintain proper humidity while using CPAP? Well, for starters, it assists in the alleviation of dryness or sore throat as exposed to CPAP pressures (especially higher pressures). CPAP heated humidity has been shown to reduce allergies and help mouth breathers keep their mouth closed while sleeping on CPAP. Did you also know that studies have shown that with proper CPAP humidity control, CPAP pressures can actually be reduced, meaning you may not need as much CPAP pressure cm/H2O.

Climate controlled CPAP tubing can be a great tool in providing comfort as well as encouraging CPAP compliance through creating a more positive experience. Other CPAP manufacturers also offer climate control features such as the Fisher and Paykel ThermoSmart™ and the ResMed ClimateLine™. For those that own a CPAP machine that is not manufactured by one of these companies or you may own an older ResMed or Philips Respironics CPAP or BiPAP device, try the Universal Heated Tubing System made by Hybernite.

PR System One Humidity Control and Integrated Heated Tube

PR System One 60 Series Heated Tubing

Philips Respironics adds a heated CPAP tube to their humidity system to create ultimate comfort and reduce "rainout effect" otherwise known as the excessive moisture and condensation that builds ups in your mask and tube. Ever wake up in the morning and feel like your swimming in your CPAP mask or wake up to hear a loud gurgling sound coming from your CPAP machine? That’s what happens when you cannot properly manage your humidity. The level of relative humidity delivered to your CPAP mask is adjusted by analyzing the ambient room temperature and CPAP machine airflow. The Heated Tube maintains the desired temperature evenly from the machine all the way through to your CPAP mask. The on-screen menu easily allows you to select one of three levels of relative humidity (70, 80 or 90 percent). Next, adjust the control dial to choose from 5 levels of heated tube temperature, ranging from 4 to 16 degrees above room temperature.

Philips Respironics System one 60 series Features Include :

  • Heated CPAP Tubing Integrated into Your Machine
  • System One Humidity Control
  • Water Chamber Tub Redesign
  • New Modern Design
  • Flex Technology "Creates pressure relief on exhalation"
  • System One Resistance Control
  • On Screen Data with LCD Display

What is C-Flex, C-Flex Plus, and A-Flex Technology?

Flex technology is essential to new user CPAP compliance. People new to CPAP therapy find adapting to treatment much easier when the airflow pressure is reduced during exhalation. The 60 Series Auto CPAP offers C-Flex, C-Flex Plus and A-Flex modes. You can choose what mode to use based on your recommended therapy settings. This machine can be set at auto adjusting CPAP mode or fixed pressure (meaning it will blow one continuous pressure) CPAP mode.

CFlex delivers comfortable sleep therapy through pressure relief at the point of exhalation. CPAP pressure is lowered based on a breath-to-breath analysis and provides up to 3 levels of comfort based on the CPAP user's expiratory flow. C-Flex Plus softens the breathing cycle between inhalation and exhalation based on expiratory flow. It minimizes the transition between pressures and provides greater comfort when in the fixed-pressure CPAP mode. The A-Flex comfort feature is built on top of the REMstar Auto algorithm which provides the lowest pressure needed to keep your airway open during sleep. A-Flex adjusts to deliver pressure as needed to eliminate breathing events without raising it too high.

What is PR System One Resistance Control?

In order to deliver optimal CPAP therapy pressure Philips Respironics developed a numbering system to note the resistance characteristics of each CPAP mask. Using the Resistance Control number, the CPAP machine compensates for the mask being used to provide a consistent and reliable therapy pressure. Each mask is made with what is called an intentional leak; this leak is also referred to as CO2 exhalation blow off, so that “bad air” that you exhale is not retained. The Resistance control understands these leaks and adjusts accordingly always delivering optimal pressure for your therapy.

I’m Sleeping on CPAP Now; How Well Am I Doing?

Your CPAP therapy data is available on the display screen of the System One 60 Series Auto CPAP machine. You can view the Apnea/Hypopnea Index (AHI, you know that pesky number of times per hour that you quit breathing), leak rate as well as the 7 and 30 day median pressure results. This information is stored in both an on-board memory and a generic SD memory card. This information can also be very useful in assisting your sleep doctor and recommendations he/she may make about raising or lowering pressure settings.

Disclaimers and Other Important Mumbo Jumbo

The components of the PR System One REMStar 60 Series Auto CPAP with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube can only be used together as a system. The heated CPAP tube MAY NOT be used with any other PR System One machines and humidifiers. The external power supply used by this system IS NOT compatible with other units in the Philips Respironics line of products.

The REMStar 60 Series Auto CPAP is not compatible with earlier versions of the PR System One Heated Humidifier.

Further the Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube that comes with the PR System One REMStar 60 Series Auto CPAP with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube is not compatible with the PR System One REMstar Auto CPAP Machine with A-Flex or any other machines in the PR System One product line. The machine and humidifier in the PR System One REMStar 60 Series Auto CPAP with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube assembly cannot physically be attached to earlier versions in the Philips Respironics line of products.

Click the following link if you would like to buy the new REMstar 60 Series Auto CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier and Heated Tube. right here online. 1800CPAP.COM is an authorized dealer of all Phillips Respironics CPAP Machines.