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BiPAP Auto with Humidifier - Certified Refurbished

This Philips Respironics BiPAP Auto with Humidifier is a certified refurbished model used for the treatment of sleep apnea. This is the System One 60 series model number DS760HS. All product information for this model can be found below. Extended warranty options are available on refurbished CPAP and BiPAP Machines.

New Product Information Listed Below

Bi-Flex technology is added to this device to make the use of a BiPAP machine slightly more comfortable for the patient. Bi-Flex machines have two set pressures or in an Auto, they have a minimum and a maximum along with a pressure setting difference. The means that throughout the night, as your Expiratory Pressure increases, the Inspiratory Pressure increases with it. The ability to track each breath allows the machine to deliver pressure relief at three critical points in the breathing cycle:

  • the transition from exhalation to inhalation
  • the transition from inhalation to exhalation
  • during exhalation

The relief of pressure on the exhalation allows you to have a more comfortable sleep while still maintaining the necessary pressures to keep the airway open; therefore keeping the oxygen levels more consistent and reducing events throughout the night.

Special Features

System One Humidity Control has been designed to establish optimum patient comfort and device performance. Patients select one of five dial settings to receive a consistent delivery of relative humidity at the mask to meet their personal needs. For additional comfort, System One now has improved absolute humidity and target relative humidity levels across all humidifier dial settings. In addition, a new classic mode provides the ability to shut off humidity control, if desired. Even in changing environmental conditions, consistent humidification levels are preserved throughout each night. System One closely monitors room temperature, room humidity, and flow to determine what is required to maintain the patient-selected humidity level. By controlling relative humidity output at the mask, rainout can be prevented, under most circumstances. With such intelligent control, our other comfort technologies, such as Flex, perform at their peak, providing maximum comfort and encouraging long-term compliance.

System One Resistance Control

System One Resistance Control achieves complete system comfort by enabling the device and mask to work optimally together. Through simple settings, the technology instructs the device to compensate for variable resistance characteristics related to different masks. The result is synchronous pressure delivery and the assurance patients can enjoy the full benefits of our Flex comfort technologies no matter which Philips Respironics mask is used.

Quiet and Comfort

Everyone benefits from System One's dramatic noise-reduction enhancements. By making our Flex Family of comfort technologies even quieter, patients and their bed partners get a more restful, comfortable night's sleep and may find it easier to comply with sleep apnea treatment. And providers and clinicians may get fewer callbacks and complaints.

Proven Results

Some devices seem to be quiet when turned on but not connected to a patient. In contrast, our enhancements to System One make it one of the quietest devices on the market when it matters most: when patients are breathing on it. But don't take our word for it: testing by an independent, third-party laboratory shows that the System One REMstar Auto is quieter than the ResMed S9 AutoSet.* This graphic shows the results of the noise comparison between the System One REMstar Auto and the ResMed S9 AutoSet devices during lab testing. The difference is clear: System One is quieter. In fact, on average, System One is 25% quieter than the S9 during simulated breathing conditions.

Auto Algorithm

Philips Respironics also has an Auto Algorithm that maintains effective therapy at minimum pressures. What makes the REMstar Auto algorithm so different? Unlike other algorithms, the REMstar Auto can manage an event in the early stages rather than waiting for it to occur. Because small degrees of flow limitations are usually present before the onset of a complete obstruction or apnea, Philips Respironics' algorithm is designed to proactively seek out these early indications and adjust pressure to resolve an event before it occurs.

Proactive Performance

As the chart shows, the REMstar Auto algorithm can determine the optimal therapy level by proactively performing two types of tests (Pcrit and Popt). These tests not only help maintain pressure at a level in which obstruction is unlikely to occur, but they also ensure that the pressure never becomes unnecessarily high.

Leak Management

Patient leak rate depends upon device pressure. For any given pressure level, the REMstar Auto algorithm compares the measured patient leak rate to an expected amount of leak from the exhalation device in the mask. The robust REMstar Auto algorithm tolerates a wide range of leak fluctuations. If the measured patient leak rate significantly increases above the expected leak for an extended period of time, the enhanced Encore report indicates this large leak by displaying a black bar (which can be provided by 1800CPAP. by sending in your data card for download). Instead of falsely increasing pressure when a large leak is detected, Philips Respironics' novel technology compensates by decreasing pressure in an attempt to re-seal the mask on the patient's face. Its safer for the patient and helps to provide uninterrupted sleep.

Smart Ramp

The pressure needs of each patient are unique and the REMstar Auto was designed to provide the lowest pressure necessary to stabilize the airway. Even so, certain highly sensitive patients may still have difficulty falling asleep, even at a minimum therapy level. Philips Respironics solution to this issue for many patients is the proprietary SmartRamp feature. By simply pressing a button, patients can now manage the linear increase from the minimum ramp pressure to the minimum therapy pressure. Patients having the ability to customize their own ramp time significantly enhances your comfort. If you fall asleep during ramp time and events occur, the algorithm will treat the events and continue to ramp up at the same rate, establishing the therapeutic minimum auto pressure faster.


  • (1) Philips Respironics BiPAP Auto - Certified Refurbished
  • (1) System One Heated Humidifier -Certified Refurbished
  • (1) New Water Chamber Tub
  • (1) New CPAP Tubing (Standard with HS Model)
  • New Filters
  • (1) Power Supply
  • (1) Travel Case
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty

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by Stan (Buffalo, NY) -

I like being able to use an auto bipap and not worry about the pressure not being enough or too little. Thanks to my doctor for changing me to this machine!