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The New ResMed Quattro Air Full Face Mask

ResMed Mirage Quattro AIR Full Face Mask

A lightweight full face mask? Is that even possible? The brand new ResMed Mirage Quattro AIR™ is here to say that it is possible for a full face CPAP mask to be light weight and comfortable.

Fitting Instructions for the Quattro AIR

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Sizing The Quattro™ AIR Full Face Mask

  • When it comes to sizing the Quattro Air it is important to note that the sizing model is the same as the original Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask. However, don't think that all ResMed full face mask sizing gauges are the same. For example, if you are comparing the size of the Quattro FX Full Face Mask then you should know the sizing is a lot different. It is different for many reasons but mainly because the Quattro FX has no forhead support structure at all so it's really just a different design and way to size customers. If you are comparing the Quattro FX with the Quattro AIR you should consider going up in size. In other words, if you wore a small in the Quattro FX you would most likely wear a medium in the Quattro AIR.

    However, the best way is to download and print out the original Mirage Quattro Sizing Gaugeand whatever size you end up with the Original Quattro the Quattro AIR will be the same size. It will just feel a lot different and more comfortable because remember the Quattro AIR only weighs 3.3 ounces (90 grams)

Important Note: When fitting the Quattro AIR remember that the frame and cushion size can't be mixed up. In other words if you have a small frame, you can't mix it with a medium cushion.

ResMed Quattro AIR Fitting Instructions

This is ResMed's written fitting instructions which is showed in the slide above as well.

  • Remove the elbow by depressing the side buttons on the elbow
  • Attach the headgear to the upper headgear hooks at the forehead support.
  • Make a loop for each side of the lower headgear strap by attaching the Velcro closure to the strap.
  • Place the Flex-wing forehead support on the forehead, swing the headgear over the back of the head.
  • Adjust the upper headgear straps enough to hold the mask in place.
  • Hook the lower headgear straps over the lower headgear hooks located at the bottom sides of the frame.
  • Loosely adjust the tension at the lower and upper headgear straps.
  • Reattach the elbow to the mask and attach the long hose from the machine to the elbow.
  • Lay down, and with the air from the machine flowing, fine tune the strap tension adjustments.

Matter of fact, the Quattro AIR is the lightest Full Face mask on the market. Its lightweight design only consists of 4 parts which makes the whole experience easier to clean, assemble and UN-assemble.

  • Patented dual-wall cushion with enhanced design at the nasal bridge makes it more comfortable Only four parts—the fewest of any leading full face mask—for easy cleaning and assembly Circular diffused vents quietly direct air away from you and your and bed partner Flex-wing forehead support feels light on the face while providing the right amount of stability for a dependable seal

  • Lighter, sleeker, simpler 45% lighter than the Mirage Quattro Smaller facial footprint so it feels lighter every time you use it

  • Quiet, comfortable seal for uninterrupted sleep Circular diffused vents gently directs away you and your bed partner for a quiet night’s sleep Dual-wall cushion seals comfortably at sensitive nasal bridge area Flex-wing forehead support just like what is found on the Mirage FX nasal CPAP Mask

  • The Quattro AIR conveniently comes apart but only when you want it to Only four parts—the fewest of any leading full face mask—makes it easy to use and clean on a regular basis Quick-release elbow allows for easy detachment from your device without having to take off the mask

Is a Full Face Mask Right for Me?

When it comes to using a full face mask most of you have probably been told by your doctor or bed partner that you are a "mouth breather"; or you are experiencing "jaw drop" during your CPAP use. This simply means that you can't keep your mouth shut. If this is you then you really only have a few options to receive adequate therapy. You could try a chin strap. CPAP Chin strap's fit just beneath your chin and around the top of your head to help keep your mouth closed. The other option is a full face CPAP mask. Full face masks have always been feared by many CPAP users because of how much bigger they are than a nasal or nasal pillow style mask. However, a full face mask for a mouth breather is always the best option to get the most of your CPAP experience.

There is good news for those of you who have to wear a full face mask. They have been getting better year after year in design and comfort-ability. The Quattro AIR is a great example of how far CPAP mask design has come in the full face arena. So if your on a nasal mask or nasal pillow CPAP mask right now and you know that your still snoring or your mouth is opening; don't be afraid of trying a full face mask. When your mouth is opening you are not getting adequate therapy. I would encourage you to check your therapy if you can.

Most CPAP machines today have some type of therapy compliance reporting or even on board details of your therapy. If you are able to check your therapy you will most likely see that your apnea hypopnea index or "AHI" is still well above 5 where it needs to be. A Full face CPAP mask like the Quattro AIR will help a lot and get you back on the right track. If you are looking for a light seal and comfort in your CPAP mask, the Quattro AIR is a great choice. It really is lighter than any other full face mask on the market.

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