ResMed Nasal Pillow Masks

ResMed nasal pillows style of CPAP masks are small and lightweight interfaces that use small pillows that seal in or around the nostril only. Nasal pillow style masks are the least invasive CPAP therapy interfaces for sleep apnea. These mask design uses small silicone or gel cushion inserts that provide a seal around the outside of the nostril. If you are feeling discomfort from a full face mask or regular CPAP nasal mask, then the lower profile and size of nasal pillows may be just what you need to reduce discomfort associated with larger styles of CPAP masks. It is always important to balance comfort with the effectiveness of your CPAP mask so often times the smaller ResMed nasal pillows option is the best option for those looking for maximum comfort possible during CPAP therapy Top models include the AirFit™ and Swift™ series of ResMed nasal pillows masks.

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