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ResMed, like Fisher Paykel, provides optimal CPAP machines and CPAP masks for your sleeping comfort. CPAP machines help with sleep apnea and other breathing problems while sleeping. CPAP therapy is an ideal method to keep the airway pressure open during sleep and to ensure a safer and more comfortable sleep. ResMed doesn’t only offer CPAP machines; it also offers affordable replacement parts for your machine. While affordable, they don’t skimp on the design and the material to ensure that the product remains comfortable when used.

ResMed CPAP Mask Parts

ResMed CPAP parts don’t require a prescription to be bought, and the CPAP ResMed machine parts are durable to withstand daily use. There are a wide variety of accessories ResMed offers—from a full face mask for your travel CPAP machine to cushion masks for better sleep quality. ResMed CPAP parts and mask selections offer different kinds of comfort and convenient features that work well with you. They offer a variety of sizes from size XS to L for that snug fit on your face. Like most of the ResMed CPAP machine parts, these CPAP items need to be replaced within a specific period. There are proper care processes for your mask and machines as well to keep your skin and sleep in good condition. Here is a good rule of thumb for when to replace your CPAP mask parts:

  • Every month: CPAP mask cushions, nasal pillows, and CPAP filters
  • Every 3 months: mask frame and CPAP tubing
  • Every 6 months: mask headgear, humidifier water tub, and chin straps
  • Every 5 years: CPAP machine

If the cushions of the face mask can’t be replaced, it will likely cause skin irritation and discomfort during sleep. The filters need to be replaced after a month due to buildup, and it may cause sleep disruptions due to sneezing and coughing. The water chamber and tubes need to be cleaned daily in a tub of warm water with soap and then dried completely under the sun. The chin straps and the headgear shouldn’t be washed in the washing machine or dried in the drier. The mask can be soaked in a cleaning solution of warm water and vinegar to thoroughly clean it.

Do note that their CPAP masks and full face mask will probably break if ever you apply facial oils and moisturizer daily. The mask parts are usually made of durable silicone, but your night-routine products will probably shorten their life span. The gray filters can be cleaned for better sleep quality by properly rinsing and drying it before putting it back in the machine. This should be done more often if you live with a smoker or a pet or if you have a dusty bedroom.

The humidifier should be cleaned properly as well, and it should be done daily to avoid the likelihood of bacteria. Avoid clogging and buildup by using distilled water instead of tap water to prolong your humidifier’s life span. The selection of CPAP supplies that are available in the ResMed CPAP store can be ordered here for better convenience for those who can’t leave the house. We offer free shipping anywhere in the US and provide secure shopping options for your peace of mind. We also offer international shipping and provide medical assistance to those who need further help.

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