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ResMed’s FX Family Of CPAP Masks Is Complete

The hallmark of the FX family is lightweight, unobtrusive design and unsurpassed cushion technology for superior seal and fit. Combined with ResMed’s award-winning S9™ Series therapy devices, FX masks provide the perfect solution for a broad range of patient lifestyles. As one user commented, "A pleasant night’s sleep is all any of us want and ResMed products certainly help someone with sleep apnea achieve that goal."

Fit for All CPAP Users

Recognizing that everyone's face is different, ResMed designed each of the FX masks to meet all patients’ unique needs. For patients who want the stability of a full face mask with a clear field of vision, the Quattro™ FX is ideal. For patients who prefer a nasal mask, the Mirage™ FX offers the perfect balance of comfort and ease of use. And for those who feel most comfortable with nasal pillows, the Swift™ FX provides a strong seal and stability in a minimalist design.

ResMed's complete FX family includes the Swift FX and Swift FX for Her nasal pillows; Mirage FX, Mirage FX for Her and Mirage FX Wide nasal mask; and the Quattro FX full face mask.

FX CPAP Mask Features

Each member of the FX family offers special design elements to provide unparalleled comfort and a versatile fit.

•The Swift FX and Swift FX for Her boast a soft, silicone headgear that molds to the facial contours for gentle comfort in a minimalist design.

•The Mirage FX and Mirage FX for Her feature an innovative “butterfly wing” forehead support that maintains position without contacting the skin.

•The unique headgear design of the Quattro FX provides an open field of vision while maintaining stability without a traditional forehead support.

Swift FX and Swift FX for Her

ResMed Swift FX CPAP Mask

With super-soft fit and a minimal appearance, the Swift™ FX makes it easy to forget about your mask and remember what it's like to get a great night's sleep.

•Minimal design reinforces sense of freedom

•Unprecedented softness, simplicity and stability

•Flexible, fluid form follows facial contours and user movements

•Intuitive, virtually instant fitting

Mirage FX and Mirage FX for Her

ResMed Mirage FX CPAP Mask

•Lightweight, unobtrusive design

•Only four parts make fitting and care easy

•New form-fitting SoftEdge™ headgear is kind to the face and springs to life, ready to fit and wear

•Flexible “butterfly wing” forehead support allows a dynamic range of fit and adjustment; the plastic does not contact the skin

Quattro FX

ResMed Quattro FX CPAP Mask

A full face mask doesn't have to block your view. The Quattro™ FX provides the coverage and stability of a traditional full face mask with a clear field of vision so your patients can focus on better things… like sleeping comfortably through the night.

•Soft Spring Air™ cushion distributes pressure evenly and maintains seal as you move during sleep

•Unique headgear and frame design provide unobstructed view

•Compact, lightweight and quiet