S9 AutoSet with H5i and ClimateLine

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ResMed S9 AutoSet CPAP with H5i with ClimateLine

Copy of RX Required if Applicable to U.S Residents

Product Information

The ResMed S9 AutoSet with H5i Humidifier features user-friendly technology to enhance your breathing comfort and reduce system noise while still alleviating central sleep apnea. Designed for a more natural breathing experience, the S9 AutoSet enhanced Easy-Breathe technology delivers whisper-quiet therapy from the device to the mask. This means a more restful night for both you and your partner. With its sleek contours and compact size, the S9 AutoSet looks as natural at your bedside as a clock radio. ResMed CPAP machines are known to be one of the best CPAP machines in the world. Their advanced AutoSet technology has surpassed many of its competitors.

Important Facts About the S9 AutoSet

  • All ResMed S9 Series Units have a self-converting power source for use in the United States and internationally (plug adapter needed for use in countries outside of the U.S.)

ResMed S9 Enhanced AutoSet Features

The S9s enhanced AutoSet algorithm now differentiates between obstructive and central sleep apneas (CSA) and responds appropriately. You can be confident that you're always receiving optimal therapy at the lowest, most comfortable pressure.

The S9 AutoSet combines an intelligent algorithm with Easy-Breathe expiratory pressure relief (EPR) to dynamically adjust pressure for maximum comfort. Using ResMed's time-tested APAP technology, AutoSet continually monitors breathing, adapting breath by breath to always deliver the lowest therapeutic pressure, improving comfort and sleep.

CSA detection is now available in both the S9 AutoSet and S9 Elite™. It uses the forced oscillation technique (FOT) to determine the state of the airway during an apnea. When apnea is detected, small oscillations are added to the pressure to measure airway patency. The CSA algorithm uses the resulting flow and pressure to measure airway patency and differentiate central and obstructive events for optimal therapy.

Included in This Package

  • (1) S9 AutoSet CPAP Machine
  • (1) H5i Heated Humidifier
  • (1) S9 Pollen Filter
  • (1) Power Supply
  • (1) Travel Case
  • (1) S9 ClimateLine Tubing
  • (1) H5i Water Chamber Tub
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

Frequently Asked S9 AutoSet Questions

Q: Can I use my ResMed CPAP system in other countries?

A: All ResMed CPAP systems have a power supply that automatically adjusts to the various power supplies in different parts of the world. All devices will accept 100-240V, 50-60Hz, without any special adjustment.

Please note:

  • You will need to use the correct plug adapter for the power outlet of the country you are visiting.
  • This does not apply to the C-Series Tango humidifier. It will only function at 110V.

Q: Will the x-ray scanners at the airport security affect my CPAP device?

A: The x-ray scanners will not harm your CPAP device. However, security agents may require you to show the medical statement from your physician verifying that you are carrying medical equipment. Make sure this is handy and packed in your travel bag.

Q: Can I operate my ResMed device with a battery?

A: Yes. ResMed's range of S8 and S9 CPAP machine products can operate with an inverter or converter. Earlier products, such as the S7 series, will only work with inverters. ResMed has converters available for its range of S8 and S9 products. The converters allow you to operate your device from a 12V or 24V DC power source in a car, boat or other vehicle equipped with a suitable battery.

S9 AutoSet Features

Quietness of the ResMed S9 AutoSet

S9s enhanced Easy-Breathe motor eliminates noise, creating a quiet and peaceful environment for you and your bed partner. The S9 Series includes an enhanced Easy-Breathe motor. Now featuring axial airflow, the enhanced Easy-Breathe motor produces less turbulence. The innovative design features foam and noise isolating materials incorporated into the base of the S9. The result is simple: less noise.

Radiated noise levels (the sound in the room) are the same as ResMed's market-leading S8 II Series. With noise levels at 24 dBA*, the S9 Series is no louder than normal breathing. Conducted noise levels (the noise through the tube) have been further reduced by 78% The result: a peaceful night’s sleep.

Intuitive Design

Sophisticated easy breathe technology combines with novel user-friendly controls in a stylish new design that departs dramatically from its predecessors to deliver the lowest therapeutic auto CPAP pressure for improving quiet comfort while you rest at night.

An intuitive interface makes it a breeze to adjust settings and customize levels:

  • Turn push dial until the parameter you require is displayed in blue.
  • Press push dial. The selection is highlighted in orange.
  • Turn push dial until you see the setting that you require.
  • Press push dial to confirm your choice.

Compliance Management of the ResMed S9 AutoSet

Patient compliance is the primary focus of S9 data management systems. The S9 Series offers three ways to prove patient compliance:

Data on the device is retained via the Sleep Quality Indicator and Sleep Report. Visible through the user interface, the Sleep Quality Indicator allows patients to view a snapshot of their breathing therapy. Designed to provide daily feedback and encouragement, the Sleep Quality Indicator identifies usage, leak, and AHI information. The Sleep Report offers compliance and breathing therapy data for up to 365 days. Data available includes average usage, used hours, nights used, run hours, and pressure.

The S9 Series is shipped with an SD card inserted. It provides detailed graphical data and high-resolution flow data.

The S9 SD card stores

  • 365 days of therapy and compliance data (summary and statistics)
  • 30 days of detailed data (graphs)
  • 7 days of high-resolution flow data
  • Modules for direct and remote download

Climate Control Feature

H5i Humidifier Included with this purchase

ClimateLine Heated Tube Included with this purchase

S9 Climate Control system intelligently adapts to your environmental conditions and delivers optimal temperature and humidity right to the mask. It protects you from rainout without compromising humidity and provides the most comfortable therapy possible.

  • S9 Exclusive ClimateLine Heated Tube The ClimateLine heated tube is the key technology in the Climate Control system. It contains revolutionary technologies never before seen in CPAP tubing that enable the delivery of Climate Control and unsurpassed patient comfort. The ClimateLine tube includes a sensitive heating circuit, which is automatically controlled by the Climate Control algorithm to deliver a constant comfortable temperature at the mask. Located at the mask end of the tube, a sensor measures the temperature of the air leaving the tube. Unique to ResMed, this feature offers complete temperature and comfort control
  • Enhanced H5i Humidifier The H5i heated humidifier delivers market-leading performance. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the S9, the H5i offers relief from dryness and congestion. The H5i senses ambient temperature and humidity in the bedroom.
  • Humidification When you breathe normally, your nose and upper airway add heat and moisture to the air. By the time it reaches your lungs, air should be at body temperature (37 °C or 99 °F) with 100% relative humidity (44 mg/L). During therapy, higher air pressure can overwhelm your upper airway’s ability to heat and humidify the air. Colder, dryer air can cause a sore throat, dry nose, mouth or throat, nasal congestion, and a runny nose. Research shows that 30 - 70% of patients experience these symptoms.

Compatible CPAP Batteries and S9 DC Converters

Did you know that you can run your ResMed S9 AutoSet CPAP machine with a battery? ResMed has manufactured an S9 Power Station kit specifically for the S9 series. This gives you the freedom to treat your sleep apnea wherever you are.

The power station kit has the capability of coupling batteries together as well for long-lasting power. This is a must-have product if you live in an area that is frequented by storms and power outages. Don't go without your AutoSet therapy. You have made a commitment to treating your sleep apnea so don't let a storm or power failure stop you from getting the good night’s sleep you deserve with the ResMed S9 AutoSet.

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6/20/2024 11:31 am


by Tom -

I needed to replace my 10 year old S8 by Resmed. I looked at all of the options and settled on this one. It works as it should, but I was startled by the quietness. It is amazing. Initially, it was set to Auto with a ceiling of 20. My previous setting was 5, and if it slipped, the increase to 20 was way too much for me. I reset the maximum to 10 and now sleep well throughout the night. I understand 5 years is the normal life of a CPAP and my S8 lasted 10. Hopefully I will get great use from this one also. Finally, I had a few questions and working with this company was wonderful. They patiently stepped me through how to change settings, and answered my few questions. I've been buying from them for over 10 years and would not consider shopping elsewhere.

6/20/2024 11:28 am

Very durable

by Bill -

I been using the S9 AutoSet™ CPAP Machine some years now and the even the S8 AutoSet™ CPAP Machine before than. The products have proved to be not only effective but also very durable. The S9 AutoSet™ CPAP Machine comes highly recommended. A very satisfied and contented user.