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IQ® Blue Nasal AIRgel™ CPAP Mask with Headgear

Your Price: $89.00

The iQ® Blue Nasal Vented mask features our patented AIR°gel™ with Advanced Cushion Technology and flexible shell with Custom Fit Technology™.
Manufacturer: SleepNet

MPN: 50655
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SleepNet IQ® Blue Nasal CPAP Mask with StableFit Headgear

The SleepNet IQ® Blue Nasal Gel CPAP Mask Vented and Non-Vented features the patented AIR°gel™ with (Advanced Cushion Technology) and flexible shell with (Custom Fit Technology™).

Together, they provide an optimal fit with maximum comfort. Unlike masks with rigid shells, iQ Blue adjusts to truly fit the contours of your face.

Update: In early 2013 the manufacturer changed the color of the cushion from clear to a blue Airgel material. They note that blue Air°gel offers a more comfortable and reliable seal. The product name was changed to IQ Blue Nasal Mask.

The iQ Nasal CPAP Mask with StableFit Headgear has a Blue Airgel cushion for seal and fit. It has an embedded wire support frame that conforms to any face, offering a quick, custom fit. The StableFit Headgear means the IQ Nasal Mask is less likely to shift while in use.

Unlike other masks with rigid shells, the iQ® Blue adjusts to truly fit the contours of your face, making this mask truly unique. You don't have to bother with sizing since this is one size and easily conforms to your facial structure.

Features of the iQ® Blue®

AIR°gel™: No other gel comes as close to the face. Our AIR°gel™ cushion comes closest to your skin to provide the utmost in gentle cushioning to protect the skin from pressure points and irritations. Get the most comfortable sleep with this soft Gel Cushion

Custom Fit Technology™: No more trying to get your mask to fit your face. Sleepnet's Custom Fit Technology means the shell of your mask can be gently molded to match your needs. Flex, fit, forget. Simple and easy as it gets.

Advanced Cushion Technology: (ACT) The new ergonomic AIR°gel™ cushion design promotes advanced skin protection, superior performance, and unbeatable comfort, all in a very lightweight mask.

Clearer Field of Vision: Each nasal AIR°gel™ Mask offers the clearest field of vision possible for easy adjustment to therapy. Our forehead strap gently secures the mask in place, allowing the user to easily watch television, read, or wear glasses while wearing their comfortable AIR°gel™ mask, giving you the freedom you deserve.

No Forehead Pad: Experience a minimal design without compromising stability. With fewer adjustments to make, you'll be quickly on your way to a more comfortable night's sleep, thus improving your over all sleep therapy.

Vented and Non-Vented Available: SleepNet understands the need for comfortable and reliable masks in the home as well as in an acute care setting. Our AIR°gel™ masks are available in both formats to accommodate the widest range of patients.

Headgear: Enjoy simplicity and convenience. The iQ Blue mask comes with quick release headgear that slides off the mask with a gentle, upward motion that can be easily performed in the dark with one hand.

The headgear is soft and lightweight giving you the stability you can count on all night long for a comfortable fit- no matter which Sleepnet AIR°gel™ mask you choose.

StableFit Headgear: The StableFit Headgear has two additional straps compared to the previous IQ 3 Point Headgear model. These straps wrap around the head, reducing the chance for displacement. The headgear is made form Breathe-O-Prene, a thin, lightweight material.

IQ 3 Point Headgear: The SleepNet IQ 3-Point Headgear is made from polyurethane foam with nylon material and uses three headgear straps to fasten down the IQ nasal CPAP mask. There are Velcro adjustments to provide an easy and secure way of fitting the headgear.

One-Size: The iQ Blue mask comes in a convenient one-size fits all design. High quality materials and construction eliminate the need for replacement parts.

Designed and Assembled in the USA: All of Sleepnet's AIR°gel™ Masks are proudly engineered and assembled in Hampton, NH, USA

360º Swivel Tubing Connector: The swivel tubing connector can rotate 360º, quietly diffusing air away from your partner.

Included with this Purchase

  • Mask (One Size)
  • Gel Cushion
  • Headgear: StableFit Headgear Included or Optional 3 point Headgear, Choose at Check-Out

Product Category:Health & Beauty > Health Care > Respiratory Care > PAP Masks
Mode of Operation:Nasal CPAP Mask
Actual Weight:63.8 g
Shipping Weight:2.25 ounces
US Shipping Cost:Free
Dimensions:3.04”D x 2.95”W x 2.60”H
Latex Free:Yes
Associated Part #'s:50647 50655 50250 50255 50660
Insurance Codes:A7034
FAA Aproved:Yes
International Shipping:Yes

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