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cpap machineChances are, you know a snorer or are one yourself. Well, here are some fun facts about snoring that will help to explain this annoying phenomenon.

The Source of the Snore

You can thank your obstructed airways for the pleasant sounds of snoring. This can include stuffy noses from allergies, congestion from a respiratory infection, swollen adenoids or tonsils, and even excess weight. Additionally, an oversized tongue or a long uvula, the dangly flap of tissue in the back of your mouth may be the reason for your suffering.

More surprisingly, your friend alcohol may be to blame. Drinking alcohol makes tongue and throat muscles weak, causing them to slacken and the throat to close in on itself. Genetics may also play their part as well.

When the air you breathe tries to pass through any of these obstructions, the result is the snoring sound.

The Size of the Snore
If we were to combine the sounds of the world's snorers on any night, we would be able to hear the snoring symphony of about a fourth of the world's population. Seeing that the average snore can reach between 60 to 90 decibels, we are talking an event of seismic proportions!

The Serious Side of the Snore
Snoring is a medical ailment that leads to numerous health problems, the biggest one being sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is present in as many as 18 million Americans and goes undiagnosed in two to four percent of the population. Those with sleep apnea experience repetitive loud snoring followed by breathing pauses that last between 10 and 30 seconds and can happen up to 60 times per hour.

The risks posed with sleep apnea include heart disease, high blood pressure, memory loss, and stroke. Typically, when children snore, it can indicate a risk of ADHD.

Solutions to the Snore
The best solution to sleep apnea is using a CPAP machine. CPAP machines supply a constant and steady air pressure through a hose connected by a nasal CPAP mask up the nose to open airways and limit snoring. This constant air pressure keeps the throat from closing, and will lead to a full, restful sleep.

In need of a CPAP machine to stop your snoring? Contact today!