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sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea Background

Sleep apnea is a disease that many Americans are well aware of, but many don't realize the harmful effects. Apnea is when a person's airway is consistently blocked throughout the night. They wake up often throughout the night as the obstructed airways render them unable to breathe. The sleep disorder, while scary on its own, also gives way to numerous other health issues. Read on for some facts you may not know about sleep apnea.

Heart Issues
The National Commission on Sleep Disorders Research says that almost 38,000 deaths every year are due to cardiovascular problems related to this condition. Other issues connected to it are an increased risk for heart disease, heart attacks, or strokes.

Men Are More at Risk
Sleep apnea is actually twice as common among the male population as it is in the female population. This is especially scary given the fact that men are also more at risk for the other issues caused by sleep apnea, making them even more vulnerable.

It's Linked to Asthma
As weird as it sounds, yes, sleep apnea is related to asthma. A study found that those who had asthma were at a 40% higher risk of developing sleep apnea than their asthma-free counterparts. Other respiratory conditions have also been linked to the sleep disorder in numerous studies.

The good news is, that while sleep apnea causes are still elusive, there are more treatments now than ever. Bipap masks and cpap machines are great options to manage the condition. Both machines are responsible for keeping your airways open during sleep.

How do you manage your sleep apnea? Do you have a preference on bipap vs. cpap? Give us your thoughts and comments!