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The Top Three Things You Should Know About Sleep Apnea


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Does your spouse or significant other snore loudly every night only to wake themselves from their sleep? Do they go without breathing for periods of time and suddenly wake coughing, choking, or gasping for air? If so, they may be suffering from an undiagnosed case of sleep apnea.

While you may find the loud snoring disruptive -- if not flat out annoying at times -- sleep apnea sufferers face a slew of health complications as a result of their disorder other than missing out on a good night's rest, especially if it goes untreated. If you're concerned that you or someone you know may suffer from sleep apnea, here are three things you should know.

Sleep apnea is considered a potentially dangerous disease

In addition to suffering from chronic fatigue, those who suffer from sleep apnea also face a three times higher risk of heart disease and a four times higher risk of stroke than those who do not. While sleep apnea causes may vary from person to person, sleep apnea has been linked to irregular heart beat, high blood pressure, weight gain, and even depression.

Sleep apnea sufferers may wake hundreds of times each night

These periods of non-breathing, known as apneas or micro-arousals can occur as often as 60 times per hour, often times without the person even knowing. Apneas can last anywhere from a few seconds to several moments. Not only does this severely affect the quality of sleep of the sleep apnea sufferer, but it may also affect the quality of sleep of their spouse or significant other as well.

An oral mask can help

Sleep apnea masks such as BIPAP masks and CIPAP masks are effective treatment options that provide a continuous stream or supply of air. These masks are worn over the mouth and are attached to BIPAP machines or CPAP machines respectively. Unfortunately, this equipment can be expensive if not covered by insurance. However, discount CPAP supplies can help reduce this cost and are significantly less. In addition, discount CPAP supplies are just as effective as full price equipment.