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Transcend H9M Hose Lighweight Flexible Tubing

Transcend H9M CPAP Hose
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The Transced H9M hose is a lightweight, flexible tubing designed for use with Transcend II Travel CPAP Machine, when using the H9M On-Head Waterless Humidification Kit. The tubing includes an internal pressure sensor to ensure proper pressure.

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Manufacturer: Somnetics
MPN: 503038
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Transcend H9M Hose-9inch

This is a 9 inch hose and is used when wearing the Transcend CPAP therapy on your head.

This lightweight, flexible tubing is designed for use with Transcend Series CPAP Machines when using the H9M On-Head Waterless Humidification Kit. The tubing includes an internal pressure sensor to ensure proper pressure is delivered when in use.

The optional H9M System gives you a wearable CPAP option that provides the most freedom of movement of any CPAP on the market. The H9M system comes with a proprietary mask and a short, 9-inch hose that allows you to roll over in bed without the discomfort of hose pull.

The Transcend H9M On-Head Waterless Humidification Kit provides HME humidification using a special 9-inch air delivery hose that measures CPAP pressure at the mask, downstream of the HME filter, to provide constant and consistent therapy pressure all through the night. The H9M Humidification System is wearable so your Transcend CPAP is worn on the head using special header and mask attachments.

The Transcend II with H9M Humidification System is the smallest and most compact humidified CPAP option on the market. It is great for home, travel and sleeping anywhere on the go.

Usage Information:

This tubing can ONLY be used with the Transcend H9M Waterless Humidification System and related mask adapters. It will not work with standard CPAP machines or masks and cannot be used with Transcend CPAP machines when the humidification system is not attached.

If you are using your Transcend II CPAP Machine without a humidifier then you should purchase the standard 6-Foot CPAP tubing available elsewhere on this site.

Included in this Package:

  • 1 Transcend H9M Hose
Product Category: Health & Beauty > Health Care > Respiratory Care
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Condition: New

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Item Number: 503038
Manufacturer: Somnetics
MPN: 503038
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