Transcend may be small but they are up to big things!
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Transcend Sleep Therapy System and Related Accessories

Transcend Mini CPAP Machine

Transcend is the first portable CPAP device designed completely around user lifestyle to give CPAP users the freedom to sleep anywhere. These small, lightweight portable CPAP devices are about the size of a soda can and have portable battery options the size of a deck of cards for easy packing and toting. It’s portable CPAP therapy that’s ready for anything.

Transcend Auto CPAP Machines
Somnetics took their innovative spirit one step further with the release of the Transcend auto CPAP machine. Now you can have the same smallest travel CPAP that is auto-adjusting based on your therapy needs.
Transcend Sleep Therpay Bundle Packs
Create your own Transcend II Sleep Therapy Bundle! When creating your bundle ask yourself how you will be using your Transcend CPAP the most.
Transcend Sleep Therapy Starter Systems
The Transcend Starter System gives you everything you need to start treating your sleep apnea. Transcend offers this convenient bundle at a great price!
Transcend Heated Humidifiers
Yes you can have humidification with the Transcend Sleep Therapy System. Here you can find all of the accessories related to the waterless humidification system by Transcend.
Transcend® Docking Station & Accessories
The Docking station for the Transcend will give your Transcend or Transcend II CPAP machine more security when your using it on your night stand.
Transcend Power Systems & Batteries
The Transcend is made to go virtually anywhere anytime. With all of the power options available it is easy to power your transcend and get a good nights sleep no matter where you are.
Transcend®  Adapter Rings & Headgear System Accessories
Here you can choose your Transcend Adapter ring for your compatible CPAP mask so you can wear the Transcend Sleep Therapy System on your head.
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SoClean Adapter for Transcend and Z1, Z2  Machines
SoClean Adapter for Transcend and Z1 and Z2 Machines
Your Price: $16.00
SoClean Adapter for Transcend and Z1 and Z2  Machines
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The SoClean Adapter is used to connect the SoClean Sanitizer to a Transcend, or a Z1, Z2 CPAP device. Works with all SoClean models.
LCD Data Station for Transcend Travel Machines
LCD Data Station for Transcend Travel Machines by Somnetics
Your Price: $99.99
LCD Data Station for Transcend Travel Machines by Somnetics
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The Base Station is a unique accessory designed for use with all Transcend Series CPAP Machines. The LCD Station provides a visual display of your therapy settings, pressure levels, and compliance data.
 Transcend Heated Humidifier Travel Bag
Transcend Heated Humidifier Travel Bag by Somnetics
Your Price: $45.00
Transcend Heated Humidifier Travel Bag by Somnetics
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The all New Transcend Heated Humidifier Travel Bag is designed to fit the complete CPAP and Humidifier system.

There is not a Portable CPAP Machine on the market that even compares to the Transcend® Sleep Therapy System. Transcend makes it easy to go camping or vacation and still get the therapy your sleep needs. 1800CPAP.COM is an authorized re-seller of the Transcend System and is proud to be apart of their innovation. Shop below in the different Transcend categories. Transcend offers several options for your Transcend Sleep Therapy System so it can be confusing as to what you need. If you have any questions just call us at 1-800-274-1366.

We have more good news surrounding Somnetics and their Transcend sleep therapy systems. Somnetics has just released 2 new machines!  The highly anticipated Transcend Auto CPAP machine and the the Transcend with EZEX Pressure relief. Also they have finally addressed the biggest issues some customers faced when comptemplating the purchase of a Transcend machine. Heated Humidifier! That's right they have developed an impressive very small in Transcend style heated humidifier that will be available to ship in early November.