Universal CPAP Bacteria Filters - 5 Pack

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Universal In-Line Disposable Bacteria Filters - 5 Pack

This Product DOES NOT Require a Prescription

Product Description

A universal CPAP or Bi-Level machine bacteria filter has been shown to greatly improve the symptoms of CPAP users suffering from allergies. The bacteria filter cleans the air as it is expelled from a CPAP or Bilevel (BiPAP) machine. The bacteria filter should also be used in conjunction with the CPAP machine's built-in foam or pollen filter system. This 5 pack of universal bacteria filters ensures you receive clean air every night while maintaining healthy sleep therapy!

When Using a Heated Humidifier

If your universal CPAP bacteria filter becomes dirty or wet, your CPAP or BiPAP machine performance may be negatively affected. Excessive use of heated humidity reduces the life span of the filter and it should be replaced on a monthly basis or as needed. Heated humidifiers can cause moisture and condensation to collect in the filter chamber, thus clogging the filter and negatively affecting your therapy. If your filter becomes wet, replace with a new one and dispose of the one that was wet.

Using Bacteria Filters With Auto Adjusting CPAP Machines

Universal bacteria filters may impact on the ability of Auto Adjusting CPAP machines (Auto CPAP) to accurately respond to therapy needs. If your average therapy pressure is below 7cm H2O, a bacteria filter should NOT be used.

Special Features

Use with Heated CPAP Hose and Tubing Recommendations

CPAP and BiLevel (BiPAP) machines that utilize a heated CPAP hose specific to that machine and require a special connection (as opposed to universal CPAP tubing) should NOT be used with a universal in-line bacteria filter. The in-line bacteria filter cannot be placed between the machine and the CPAP hose/tubing connection. The universal in-line bacteria filter may be used between the CPAP hose and the mask if desired however it will add weight and bulk at that connection.

Included in this Package

  • (1) 5 pack of Universal In-Line Bacteria Filters

Optional Accessories

  • SoClean CPAP, Mask and Tubing Sanitizer

Recommended Replacement Schedule

  • Tube Hose: Every 1-3 Months (or as needed)
  • Foam Filters: Every 1-3 Months (or as needed); wash weekly
  • Ultra Fine Filters: Every Month (or as needed)
  • Water Chamber: Every 3-6 Months (or as needed); wash daily

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10/3/2019 9:58 am

Dodge sickness!

by Baron -

By using this bacteria filter it seems like I'm not as sick as often. Thanks!