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Used and Pre-Owned ResMed & Philips Respironics CPAP Machines

Are you looking for a place to buy a used CPAP Machines? offers a wide selection of used CPAPs, Auto CPAPs and BiPAPs from ResMed, Philips Respironics, Fisher & Paykel and much more! Our Pre-Owned CPAP inventory consists of 3 categories; Pre-Owned, Open Box Specials, and Floor Model/Demo Units. Our CPAP and BiPAP machines are certified pre-owned, slightly used and pass a rigorous 11 point inspection (11 point inspection details listed at the bottom of the page!) before we advertise them on our site. Did you know you save up to 50% when you buy a slightly used CPAP machine versus ordering a new CPAP machine? Most of our CPAP units are newer generation models with few blower hours.

Ordering a Refurbished or Open Box CPAP or BiPAP Machine?

We understand that most individual shopping our selection of pre-owned/refurbished CPAP and BiPAP machines are looking for a low cost premium CPAP machine. There are some things to consider when shopping for CPAP machines on sale. The first is what type of CPAP machine do you need; do you need an Auto CPAP (an automatic adjusting pressure CPAP machine-do not confuse CPAP ramp mode with auto adjust, all CPAP and Auto CPAP machine have ramp mode) or a standard CPAP machine (a CPAP machine that blow one continuous therapy pressure; example would be 8 cm/H2O). Do you have a copy of a CPAP prescription for the device you are looking to purchase (not applicable to ALL purchasers). If not, be sure to check out our Home Sleep Apnea Test program; call 1-800-274-1366. Warranty information and number of hours on the CPAP or BiPAP device are listed with each individual Pre-Owned device.

What are the Different Definitions of Our Used CPAP Machines.

  • Pre-Owned CPAP Machines - These CPAP, BiPAP or VPAP machines that have had previous owners. Our product page for each item should specify the number of hours used on the device.
  • Open Box Specials – These CPAP, BiPAP or VPAP machines have not been previously owned. They have been used for patient education and instruction or have been used in staff training exercises.
  • Floor Models/Demo Units - These CPAP, BiPAP or VPAP machines have served as display models used in our stores. These units are not used on customers and are used for reference and advertising. These CPAP models also go through the rigorous 11 point inspection.

How Does Obtain Pre-Owned CPAP Machines?

The national average for CPAP compliance (meaning whether or not someone adheres to CPAP therapy) is estimated to be 54% and what that evolves to be is many people that try CPAP may fail and return their new equipment with as little as 5 blower hours on it. People look for an outlet to recoup some of their cost and that’s where comes into play. We buy CPAPs, BiPAPs, and Auto CPAP machines (APAP, automatic adjusting CPAP machines) that are newer models with few hours like the ResMed S9 AutoSet™ and Philips Respironics System One RemStar Auto with A-Flex. Other ways we come across these CPAP devices is by changes in sleep apnea therapy. Some people that are initially prescribed CPAP are changed to BiPAP or VPAP Adapt SV models and are left with a perfectly good, working CPAP unit.

Be Sure To Check out The CPAP Trade in Program

This new program allows CPAP users with older models trade in their CPAP or BiPAP machine for credit towards the purchase of a new CPAP machine. This program varies by customer to customer and make and model so be sure to call for details! Just think; your CPA machine could save you hundreds towards a newer model!

What is the 11 Point CPAP Inspection? uses a 11 point inspection prior to shipping any pre-owned, open box special, or floor model demo units. Please feel to contact a product support specialist if you have any questions pertaining to our Refurbished Inspection Program.

  • Ionization Air Purifier Containment for 24 Hours
  • CPAP Therapy Blower Test
  • Factory Default Reset of Settings
  • Manometer Calibration To Establish Accurate Pressure Settings
  • CPAP Filter Replacement
  • Replacement of All CPAP Hoses & Tubing
  • Humidifier Heat Test/Heater Plate Inspection
  • Humidifier Water Chamber/Tub Replacement
  • Data Card Inspection or Replacement
  • Replacement of CPAP Owners Manuals
  • Final Packaging Disinfection