CPAP Headgear Mask Straps

CPAP mask headgear (or head straps) are the cloth or silicone material that keep your mask in place while you sleep. Most headgear straps are adjustable and secure the strap to the mask frame. The CPAP mask headgear should be replaced once it begins to show signs of wear and tear. We offer a wide selection of nasal, nasal pillow and full face headgear straps. PLEASE NOTE: Certain mask models use headgear that requires clips (sold separately).

How to Choose CPAP Headgear Mask Straps

When choosing new mask straps, you must consider the kind of CPAP mask you are using. Different CPAP masks have different strap requirements to guarantee that your mask for your CPAP will provide your therapy needs without having to worry about getting displaced when asleep.

Are you using a nasal mask, nasal pillow, or full face mask? No matter the type of mask you use, you’ll find a range of straps that suit your needs and preferences here at 1800CPAP.

Nasal masks are often prescribed for those who breathe through their nose when asleep. Nasal masks are triangular in shape to cover the bridge of the nose until the upper lip. Even though nasal masks have suction, it’s not enough to keep it secure when moving in your sleep.

Nasal pillows are like nasal masks, but with a more minimalist design. Instead of covering the entire nose from the bridge until the upper lip, nasal pillows sit just at the base of the nostrils to directly deliver air to the nose. Since nasal pillows have minimal coverage of the face, they may be more prone to getting displaced when asleep.

Full face masks cover the nose and mouth, which is the best option for mouth-breathers. Because of the larger surface area that full face masks cover, there are higher chances of air leakages. Getting a secured headgear strap will easily solve and prevent this problem from happening.

CPAP masks should be kept secure without sacrificing your comfort. Choosing the right headgear straps for you is crucial in letting you sleep soundly while receiving your therapy needs.

Our headgear straps here at 1800CPAP are only made of quality materials that are light and gentle on the skin to provide maximum comfort and minimal skin irritation.

Our straps are not so thin that they dig into the skin nor are they too wide to feel heavy while wearing them, but they still keep your mask secure on your face. They’re also adjustable to let you find the right fit to keep your mask snug and prevent air leakages.

Another factor you should consider when choosing a new headgear strap is the brand and model of your CPAP machine and headgear. A new strap that isn’t compatible with your current CPAP equipment will hinder you from effectively receiving your therapy needs.

The mask, CPAP machine, and straps must have the same brand to ensure they’re compatible and will work properly with each other. ResMed, Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, and other CPAP brands all have their own needs and requirements to effectively and efficiently deliver your therapy needs.

Looking for new replacement straps, headgear, CPAP masks, and other CPAP equipment will not be a problem here at 1800CPAP. We offer a range of new ResMed, Respironics, Fisher & Paykel, AG Industries, and other CPAP products from leading brands on the market, all with a manufacturer warranty.

If you’re looking for new CPAP equipment, click on the type of CPAP headgear you have or the brand of your CPAP mask and machine, and you’ll see the variety of headgear strap options you can choose from. If you can’t find the product you need, call us at (800) 274-1466, and our CPAP experts will gladly assist you find the right one for you.

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