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CPAP masks for obstructive sleep apnea are available in many different styles. The 4 main designs are nasal, pillow, full face, and cradle. The style chosen by the user is dependent on facial structure, side sleepers, facial hair, CPAP pressure, claustrophobia, and many more. We have a wide selection of these styles to assist in getting the customer into the right mask. Choosing the right style of mask is one of the most important factors in achieving positive results from therapy and for your overall comfort. Nasal masks use the bridge of the nose, along the nose line and just below the nostrils to make a seal, basically only covering the nose. Nasal Pillow masks uses the outer rim of the nostrils to form its seal which makes this style of mask the least invasive of the three main styles. Full Face masks use the bridge of the nose, along the nose line, through the cheeks and just below the lower lip to make the seal, basically covering the nose and mouth. Full Face masks are typically used for users who mouth breath, are on high CPAP pressures or use Bi-Level. Check out our masks that offer 30-day satisfaction returns.