CPAP Chin Straps

CPAP chin straps are used in addition to sleep apnea masks to prevent “jaw drop” by keeping the mouth closed. Users of nasal or pillow style masks may experience CPAP mouth breathing in which the air pressure escapes, causing excessive dry mouth.

Chin straps are made from soft material which provides additional comfort. All chin straps are one-size-fits-most or can be adjusted.

We carry CPAP chin straps from trusted brands, such as:

  • ResMed
  • Spirit Medical
  • Philips Respironics
  • Choice One Medical
  • Sunset Healthcare Solutions

Prevent mouth breathing that compromises the efficacy of your CPAP therapy with these highly comfortable and effective chin straps. Browse to find the best CPAP chin strap for your needs.


What Is the Best Chin Strap for CPAP?

Chin straps need to be both effective at preventing mouth breathing and dry mouth, as well as be comfortable to wear while using a nasal mask or nasal pillow mask. Based on these criteria, here are our top picks for the best chin straps:

Each product offers a different feel and level of comfort. You may want to browse our selections thoroughly to find the one that best suits your needs.

Do CPAP Chin Straps Work?

Yes, they do. Chin straps offer a simple yet effective solution to mouth breathing that causes air leaks and dry mouth in CPAP users.

How Do You Wear a CPAP Chin Strap?

A chin strap is usually worn when you are using a nasal or nasal pillow style CPAP mask. You don’t need to wear one with a full-face or hybrid mask since this type of mask already seals the mouth and nose, preventing air leaks.

Different brands of chin straps use their own designs, so there’s no one way to put on a strap. Generally, you fit the strap on your chin first then secure the gear on your head. Some straps feature velcro tabs to adjust the fit of the strap. Follow the instructions on the label or manual to wear your strap properly.

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