CPAP Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies include anything you may need to keep your CPAP system clean and sanitized. Keep your CPAP or bilevel machine, mask, and other accessories clean to prevent germs and allergens from accumulating throughout your system.

We have mask wipes, tube cleaning systems, cleaning sprays, concentrated cleanser solution, and SoClean items to keep your CPAP equipment and accessories germ-free.

How Often Should I Clean My CPAP Equipment?

Generally, the CPAP masks need to be cleaned often. The mask cushion, CPAP hose, and humidifier water tub must be cleaned daily.

What Is the Best Way to Clean CPAP Equipment?

There are certain cleaning guidelines you should follow when cleaning the parts. CPAP equipment is used daily, which is why it should be maintained in order to receive effective and efficient therapy for sleep apnea.

For CPAP accessories that need cleaning daily:

Unplug the CPAP machine from the power source.

Remove the mask, air tubing, and hose adapter from the machine.

Disassemble the CPAP mask parts.

Wash the headgear, cushion, frame, and air tubing in warm water and mild soap.

Rinse the equipment thoroughly with warm water.

Place the headgear, cushion, frame, and air tubing on a dry towel to air-dry. Do not place them under direct sunlight.

Having the right cleaning supplies for CPAP machines is the best way to clean your machine and equipment and guarantee they don’t deteriorate from harsh chemicals or improper handling.

SoClean 2 is a CPAP cleaner and sanitizer, which can sanitize and disinfect headgear, CPAP masks, CPAP tubings, and humidifiers. SoClean 2 can cleanse virtually the entire CPAP system, requiring little effort on your part. This CPAP sanitizer is compatible with all machines: CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP systems.

The Sleep8 CPAP Sanitation Companion Kit is another CPAP sanitizer that effectively disinfects your CPAP equipment without the need to disassemble the mask components. This CPAP sanitizer, as well as the Lumin CPAP Cleaner by 3B Medical, makes use of UV rays to kill bacteria on CPAP equipment.

CPAP mask wipes are a convenient way to wipe off dirt and facial oils on masks. CPAP leaks occur because of built-up oils from the face, which is why it’s important to keep your mask clean, especially full-face masks. Always have a CPAP mask cleaner handy to keep your mask clean daily.

Certain CPAP supplies have also been made for those who travel regularly and take their CPAP machines with them. One of these is the Citrus II CPAP mask wipes and spray, which are compact and convenient cleaning supplies that make it easy to clean your CPAP mask wherever you go.

Here at 1800CPAP, we offer a wide range of CPAP cleaning supplies that will help make cleaning quick and easy. Besides cleaning supplies, we also have a range of other CPAP equipment for your therapy needs.

From CPAP mask hose soaps and cleansing wipes to portable oxygen concentrators and replacement parts, 1800CPAP can supply you with all your CPAP needs.

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