CPAP Humidifiers

Heated humidifiers, such as a humidification component in a base unit or a humidification mask, play a crucial role in comfort and adherence to CPAP or Bi-level therapy. Humidifiers work by heating the water in the tank to create moisture in the pressurized air created by the CPAP device. This moisture in the air reduces or eliminates dryness and irritation that can be a side effect if CPAP is used without a humidifier. It is recommended to use distilled water with your humidifier mask or system that should be changed daily to avoid bacteria and contaminants. Using standard tap water can cause mineral deposits to build up in the water chamber tub thus reducing its lifespan. Adding a CPAP humidifier to your therapy regimen can be a great way to improve air quality while you sleep. This relatively low cost add on is enjoyed and recommended by many of our customers. Perfect for patients living in dry and arid climates.

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