BiPAP Machines & VPAP

Bi-Level machines (BiPAP) (VPAP) are sleep apnea devices that deliver two pressure settings. One pressure is set to your inhalation (IPAP) and one for your exhalation (EPAP). An example of a bi-level setting is 14cm/10cm H2O. Bi-Levels are most often prescribed for people that are non tolerant to high CPAP pressures or have limited lung function that restricts exhalation and can cause CO2 retention. Bi-level devices are available in fixed pressure, auto adjusting, and advanced models. Please Note: "Bi-Level” is the general term for this type of therapy, “BiPAP” is a trademarked name for Philips Respironics models, and “VPAP™” is a trademark name of ResMed devices.

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